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Shopify 101: How It Works

Shopify ecommerce development requires a thorough understanding of the company and how it works. While this can be a lengthy process when you’re starting off, this guide will help you get started and find out how to get your e-store ready for your customers!

How Did Shopify’s Company Start?

Shopify started as a privately owned Canada e-commerce business located in Ottawa, Ontario. This company created and maintained software that helps online stores sell their products with retail point of systems and online.

Shopify was started in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Scott Lake, and Daniel Weinand after planning to open up a store named Snowdevil. The e-commerce shop was made by the founders and created the foundation for Shopify. The company now has about 377,500 merchants that use their platform.

Benefits of Using Shopify

As you’d expect, Shopify is a great platform for merchants. However, the platform isn’t for everybody. Here are the main pros and cons you’ll experience when using Shopify.

  • Easy to use: Shopify ecommerce development platform is one of the main reasons why merchants love using it. It’s easy to create discounts, process orders, and add products. The web design is user-friendly and easy to use. It has a drag and drop editing tool which helps you utilize your business and market to your target audience.
  • Beautiful Themes: Shopify has a theme to help make your online sites appealing to your customers. Subscribing merchants can select from a variety of free mobile themes. And there a premium themes that are available for e-merchants who want to explore more options.
  • Support Options: You might have access to technical support for every hour of the day through live chat, phone, and email. And, there are self-help options that are available. Customers like having this support outside of your store’s business hours.
  • Assists Dropshippers: Shopify is the main platform for drop shipper integrations from Oberlo and Odoro. This makes dropshipping easier for your Shopify admin to sell your products.

Start Selling Digitally

Shipping is one of the biggest issues when selling products online. And it can lead to a profit reduction because you have to pay extra to send to your customers within a reasonable time frame.

Selling digital products give you the most benefits from selling your products without experiencing the downsides. Market your videos, eBooks, MP3 files, and printables. You can disable shipping on these products and allow your customers to send download links right to their email.

In order to automate the delivery of your digital products, you’ll have to use an app. Use the Digital Downloads app on Shopify to help with this. The app helps with your delivery by giving download links to your customers and giving additional download links via email.

Load some downloadable products and start processing your customer’s orders faster, without paying extra for shipping.


Basically, shopify ecommerce development happens once you start understanding the complexity of the platform. Once you’ve done that, you can start selling your products digitally and start producing profits. Stay tuned for our second post to learn more ways that you can attract audience into your shopify store.

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