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Top Reasons Why Money Does Not Define Fashion & Style

We all know that money cannot ever buy you class or style. When it comes to a sense of style or fashion, it has got everything to do with your sensibilities. Your style cannot be dictated or defined by your wallet. You could look fashionable and chic even without spending exorbitantly. It is, however, pretty obvious that anyone having a credit card could look fashionable but in reality, very few individuals with or without credit cards could be regarded as genuinely stylish or fashionable.

You got to appreciate the fact that style is in your mind, in your attitude and fashion is not confined or limited to what clothes, jewelry or accessories you wear. It is not always necessary to have money or to flaunt designer clothes to look chic and fashionable. Here are some reasons to convince you that you could stay updated with fashion trends without spending too much.

You Can Always Explore the Untapped Stores

The secret is that you could get fashionable clothes, accessories, or jewelry not necessarily from boutiques and well-known designer stores only but also from any site or store without the snob factor. You could always get something stunning that you could seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe. You do not always need to stick to shopping at the regular well-known fast fashion stores, rather you could consider going to the mall stores, cheap department stores, Salvation Army outposts, or dollar stores where you could find chic accessories, canvas totes, pool slides, bandanas etc. Fashionable men and women often go to off-price outlets for quality designer and branded clothes and accessories at much lower prices.

Online Stores Often Offer Cool & Chic Stuff

Stylish people know that they could identify unique pieces even on online stores. Do ample research and make the right choice. You could look chic and fashionable in clothes and accessories that suit your personality. It is not necessary to opt for high-end labels to look good. Today, fashion-conscious people are opting for the modern and fashionable tungsten wedding bands instead of the exorbitantly priced gold or platinum designer wedding rings. Stylish people know that they have the confidence and the ability to carry them well and look fashionable in whatever they wear.

You Know How Best to Accessorize

You must understand that even some of your old clothes could look nice and cool if you team them up with right accessories. If you team up your clothes with the right accessories, you would be enhancing your style and fashion statement. For instance, instead of spending a huge amount on a leopard-print jacket, you could consider investing in a leopard-print scarf.

Consider juxtaposing your chosen accessories with the kind of outfits to get a truly stylish twist. For instance, wear a pair of blue denim and a gray tee with a neckpiece or glittery earrings. Alternatively, you could try casual accessories such as armload of bracelets, or a slouchy hat with dressy outfits like a skirt or a cocktail dress. You could invest in inexpensive accessories such as belts, metallic hoop earrings, necklaces, finger rings, caps etc. Your accessories would be helpful in transforming you dramatically into a real style icon.


In order to look beautiful and genuinely fashionable, you should have the right hairstyle, wear the lipstick color that suits you best or wear the right makeup. Your makeup and hairstyle go a long way in elevating your style. Moreover, wearing a vibrant lipstick or a haircut or opting for a hair color consultation would be a lot cheaper than becoming a fashion slave. It is time you understood that labels are not necessary to make you look cool and fashionable. It is a much better idea to invest in things you could afford, and things that would look amazing on you.


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Barrack is a fashion and personal grooming expert who runs his own blog. He advises his fans and readers to opt for inexpensive ways of looking stylish. He tells young couples to opt for the chic tungsten wedding bands, instead, of the classic gold and platinum rings.

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