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18 secrets of Marketing Techniques to improve your business

With the advent of new technologies each day, it has become a mandate for an entrepreneur to look for advanced and radical ideas which will upgrade their business according to the current market trends. There is a need of drastic overhaul in technology which will aid in improving their businesses. The business remains the same but the strategy to connect to the customers have changed drastically over the years. New definitions like online shopping, discount buying, coupon codes and online mega sale have come into picture.

Today innovation should reflect in each and every move a businessman makes. Technology laden ideas need to be infused along with their own business tactics. Customer reach is very important in today’s changing marketing trends. Networking was important yesterday also and it plays an equally vital role today as well. But the methods of networking has changed tenfold. Initially it was actually about meeting people and sharing your business prospects but today it is more about social networking websites. People endorse their business on online social forums to get more visibility. So, in nutshell each term has new meaning now in terms of marketing. Below are listed few marketing strategies one should implement in order to achieve success.

  • Social Networking Websites – The first and foremost important strategy today is to promote and market one’s product or business on social networking websites. You should build a strong network in order to promote on several forums. There is Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. where people are connected in huge numbers. The more the number of views, more is profits and gains.
  • Blogging – You can write a blog or an article on public forums and discussions about your business in order to strategically promote it. People may voice their opinions and views and it may help you in improving your skills.
  • Video Campaigning – You can talk about your business or product and reach a desired customer base by posting it on related social pages or groups. You can directly reach them by giving a presentation about your business.
  • Networking Tools – A novice marketer can use electronic tools and platforms where they can actually share their knowledge and ideas which in turn leads to growth and developments.
  • Mentoring – One of the most popular ways of improving your strategies is by mentoring other people. They may brainstorm many more marketing ideas while learning which in turn might help you as well.
  • Article Marketing – Few weeks earlier we had an Interview with CEO of Coupon Machine about their success in 2015. He said “Using articles for promotion of the business is one of the best methods to generate traffic on your websites. Here you can add strong keywords which will be directly linked to your website.”
  • Promotional Messages – You can also send promotional messages and posters on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in order to create a better impact. Pictures are always more appealing than any typed content.
  • Responding to Every Query – If feasible then you need to answer each and every query posed personally. If not, hire executives who can answer on your behalf. In a recent seminar which is held in Delhi University, Gracy of Popular weight loss blog speaks “Customer live support is the best way to interact with incoming traffic. It would help you to directly connect with your customer. It will create a loyalty of your customers towards you and many chances to convert a visitor into a customer.
  • Empowering Employees – You should always hear out the grievances of your employees and act upon them. If they are happy, your business will flourish. You can also ask them to write reviews about the kind of work they do and what more they expect.
  • Apt and Crisp Content – When you are promoting your business, ensure that the content is up to mark and no irrelevant information is given. You should never lie to your customers in order to gain little profits. It may make you suffer in the long run.
  • Schemes and Discounts – You should strategically plan your schemes and discount offerings in order to attract more people towards your product. People are always looking for cheaper options.
  • FAQs Section – Your online forum should always have a FAQs section which answers every question asked by a potential customer. If similar questions are asked by another person, then you can update him with the same answer.
  • Opinion of Experts – If you can convince any professional or expert to write about your product, it would boost your business at a great rate. Any person who has wide knowledge about the same business can give honest reviews. Share their opinions on your websites and it will hit a mark with the customers.
  • Celebrity Branding – These days it is the most successful marketing strategy for businesses. It can be a costly affair but for sure works. People look up to their idols and whatever brand or business they promote, customers tend to follow. The most common examples being clothing, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, bags, etc.
  • Paid Advertising Services – This might use a bit of your capital but advertising at right places helps you in building strong customer base. You can buy space on Twitter, Facebook,etc. and advertise in order to get more business.
  • TV Commercials – It is one of the best methods to reach the desired customer base. Accessibility of television is mostly there in each and every home and it helps you to reach them in huge numbers.
  • Talk to Successful Marketing Professional – You can also talk to a marketing professional in order to learn more about new upcoming markets and trends and how to maintain you hold in the business. They can guide you with new methods and technologies to be implemented in your business. Any new idea if hits a chord with the customer can make you exceptionally rich and famous.
  • Managing Finances with Accounting Software – In order to make your business successful, you should not overspend your capital in building the business. Stick with the decided numbers and wait for the results. Patience is the key element to success. Any business will take its own due time to develop. Overspending or wasting your resources unnecessary will lead you to losses.



Another parameter is to keep the track of all the amount earned and should be accounted properly. It will help you in better planning for growing your businesses.


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