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Everything You Need to Know About a Job Agency Mississauga

A job agency Mississauga is a private or public company operating at a local, federal, or state level and contracted by other companies to help them hire employees. Some employment agencies focus on temporary placements, others permanent placements, while others do both. As such, you need to be specific about what you need so that you can select the right agency to use.

For efficiency, employment agencies keep an organized database for their registered candidates and gradually match them with job emerging openings according to their qualifications. Continue reading to know the main difference between an employment and a job agency Mississauga.

The Difference Between Recruitment and Employment Agencies

Some people use these terms interchangeably. However, there is a relative difference between the two, and when used in a knowledgeable audience, you can miss the intended purpose of your information. Here is how to differentiate them:

1. Jobseeker Vs. Worksite

The first difference is in who they serve. A recruitment agency works for the employer and seeks qualified candidates to fill the positions for their client. An employment agency works for the job seeker. They actively look for employing companies and connect their client to them.

A recruitment agency can create a job description or draft it for their client and post it on their behalf to attract applicants.

A job agency Mississauga will make applications on behalf of their client to as many employers as they can until they receive an invitation. Additionally, this agency can help its candidate revise their resumes if they feel like it is not marketing them well enough to improve their chances of getting an interview.

2. Skilled Vs. Unskilled

Another difference is in the skill level of the employees. Since recruitment agencies work for the employer, they seek to fill the position with the most qualified candidate. Job seekers with certifications, experience, and skills required for particular positions are best suited for working with recruitment agencies.

Employment agencies do not have a client preference. Since they work for employees, they welcome all candidates. However, if you are new to the trade or are an unskilled worker, you have better chances of getting a job with these agencies.

3. Funding

While public recruitment agencies get funding from the government after reaching a certain KPI, most are privately operated. Therefore, they are not funded by the government and instead rely on their clients. The more candidates they bring in, the better their pay.

How Employment Agencies Work

Employers have a hard time trying to match a position with qualified candidates. You will often find them complaining about how they can’t get the right people for their work. On the other hand, job seekers complain about how they have a hard time securing positions in their ideal companies. As a result, recruitment agencies come in to help them bridge this ordeal. Here is how:

Using an Employment Agency

If you are looking for employment, you can use employment agencies Mississauga to help you with the work. Follow these steps if you choose to seek help from an employment agency:

  • Look for different agencies in your locality, and create a profile there
  • Fill any application requirements
  • Provide your resume for considerations
  • Take any tests the agencies give their candidates
  • Go for the interviews when invited
  • If the agency provide any form of training, do not miss to attend

If you have specific skills, it is ideal to find employment agencies Mississauga whose specialization is in such fields as yours. It helps you get results faster since the number of applicants is not as huge as those offering general services. Recommendations are best, but if you do not know anyone working in the same field as you, consider researching yourself.

Additionally, if you are looking for a temporary position, it would be helpful to look at the type of services you get and the compensation plan. Because public and private agencies work differently, you should understand how each works. Private agencies may require you to pay a service fee, while those funded by the government offer their services for free.

Now you understand how an employment agency operates; you can use this information to expand your career path.

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