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Varicose Vein | Everything You Need To Know

Varicose veins may appear to be a cosmetic concern, but they can also cause leg pain, skin issues, and a host of other medical problems. Because varicose veins don’t usually show themselves above the surface of the skin, even seemingly unrelated symptoms such as leg swelling, stiffness, itching, tired or quickly fatigued legs can trigger a visit to a vein specialist. Your leg troubles can be simple to fix! The earlier you seek therapy for a vein problem, the easier it will be to resolve. Some of the irreversible skin changes that might accompany long-term venous disease can be avoided with early therapy. Vein therapy in Atlanta is now less invasive and simple to recover from, thanks to the advent of modern technologies.

Blood will pool if your veins are unable to transport it from your feet back to your heart. This is referred to as venous stasis. When a vein starts to flow backwards, the pressure inside rises, making the condition worse. The small valves that assist the blood flow against gravity in the veins stop operating. The blood clots even more, and the vicious cycle continues. The veins become engorged or enlarged as a result of the lack of oxygen in the blood. Because the blood is deoxygenated, the veins appear blue or purple. Instead of delivering blood back to the heart and lungs to be re-oxygenated, the vein starts acting like a reservoir.

Veins become weak due to a variety of factors. Heredity is the crucial reason. You are more likely to acquire varicose veins if your parents or grandparents have them. Other factors include:

  • Pregnancy, adolescence, menopausal, and use of birth control drugs triggering hormonal changes.
  • Obesity also causes the veins to overwork by putting too much pressure on the legs.
  • A sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity
  • A job that requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time, forcing your veins to overwork.
  • Traumatic injuries to the veins or blood clot formation

Blood will naturally flow through healthy veins once the problematic veins have been removed through vein therapy in Atlanta.


Fortunately, vein therapy in Atlanta rarely necessitates a stay in the hospital or a lengthy, inconvenient recuperation. Varicose veins can usually be treated as an outpatient surgery thanks to less invasive techniques. A thorough diagnostic and treatment plan can be very helpful. When your varicose veins are gone, your legs will have a better appearance. The symptoms should go away once the root cause of the problem is treated. Aches and pains, weariness, lower leg and ankle swelling, itching and burning, and cramps— all improve substantially. In fact, the symptoms of varicose veins disappear almost quickly following vein therapy in Atlanta for a majority of people. If you already have troublesome veins or fear you may be getting them soon, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Your general health will improve as your venous circulation improves.

Ensure to check with your doctor whether your insurance will pay any of the costs of your treatment. If you intend to treat varicose veins for cosmetic reasons, you’ll probably have to pay for it yourself.

Also, Varicose veins that appear during pregnancy usually go away on their own three to twelve months post-delivery.

Self-care tips

Exercise, weight loss, not wearing tight clothing, elevating your legs, and avoiding prolonged periods of standing or sitting are some of the ways to relieve pain and prevent varicose veins from worsening.

At the Harley Institute, Atlanta, we provide a variety of treatment options for both spider and varicose veins. We begin by diagnosing the severity of your condition after a one-to-one consultation session followed by physical examination. For more on our vein treatment options, book an appointment with our experts now. For more details, visit

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