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Paper versus Digital Diaries

You might have thought this battle was already lost. Everyone has a smartphone permanently attached to their hands, so making use of them for diary purposes only makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, there are still some limitations to the technology we use daily, and I’m going to share with you 7 reasons why paper diaries kick digital diaries’ butts!

Reason 1: The tactile nature of paper

The physical object of a quality diary feels great in your hands. Paper smells good and just riffling the pages produces a feeling of calm. Most of us grew up with books, notepads, and the like, so a paper diary produces a satisfying nostalgic effect that is good for the soul!

Reason 2: Great for your brain

The act of writing something down with a pen and paper seems to be better for learning and forming memories. A 2014 study into students taking class notes on laptops versus writing them out longhand found that those on laptops “performed worse on conceptual questions”, due to the level of the brain’s engagement. It seems writing by hand forces you to re-frame and process your thoughts more deeply. So, using your paper diary could help you remember your scheduling far better, or help you think out that big project more coherently.

Reason 3: Doodle and jot

Creative thoughts don’t always appear in a flash, perfectly formed. They mostly come from lots of little notes and pictures. A paper diary allows you to capture these thoughts fast. Drawings, mindmaps, wireframes, and boxes can all help you organize that next big idea in a way that electronic methods just can’t.

Reason 4: Big data

We’ve all heard about how much of our private data is being shared. Yes, if you lose your physical diary on the bus, you lose everything contained in it, but if your electronic version is being backed up in the cloud, then it’s vulnerable to hackers from around the world!

Reason 5: You’re always connected

Even if you’ve got no signal, or the local infrastructure isn’t great, a paper diary has a download speed of “instant”! Open your bookmarked page, and begin. You can also get a great impression of what your history is by riffling through the pages to see past notes. No more waiting for synch. Just start scribbling!

Reason 6: Plan big

Your paper diary can become more than just a tool for scheduling your appointments or making notes on your latest project. It can become a forward planning tool, where your ideas develop and link over many pages. If you choose a brand like Toad Diaries, they offer a “build your own” personalized service that allows you to choose a scheduler side, and a choice of lined, grid, or blank notes opposite, if that’s what you need to build the dream.

Reason 7: Your own aesthetic

Covers on journals can reflect your personality. Are you creative and fashionable? Choose a playful cover from Paperchase. Do you want to be seen as professional and serious? Get a leather journal from The Union Shop. The choice is almost endless, and when you can choose a completely personalized version, the paper diary is here to stay!

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