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11 Key Reasons Why to Move your Online Business to Shopify

Today, Shopify is one of the leading cloud-based platforms for retail stores. It has about 31% of the market share. Every day more and more businesses are dropping old platforms and moving towards Shopify. Shopify has taken off all the popularity with its simple to use platform and affordable price options. Shopify comes with a full spectrum of useful features for creating online stores of various shapes and sizes. It provides all the necessary functionality for storefronts customization, payments, tracking orders, and more.

What are the key benefits of moving to Shopify?

Shopify works super well for the eCommerce industry. It is the perfect go-to for the following reasons:

1. Easy-to-use Interface

There is no other platform like this one that offers easy setup. Even the greenest of minds with no tech skills can get comfortable with it shortly. The platform has an intuitive backend interface and a built-in drag-and-drop store builder that lets you customize colors, imagery, fonts, and more. The shopping cart is easy-to-use to set up and manage.

2. Extensive App Store

There are 3,000+ different paid as well as free Shopify apps available. They will help you  increase sales, get more customers to your store, and cover site optimization, logistics, and other business needs.

3. Beautiful Themes

The platform offers store owners beautiful storefront templates that help them to retain customers. There are plenty of templates available, both free and paid, that will leave your site looking aesthetically pleasing while also professional.

4. Payment Gateways

Shopify has 100+ payment methods to select from, which gives a significant edge over other shopping carts. You get the possibility to choose the one that satisfies your business needs the best: major, international, and additional payment gateways by country. Its payment processor allows you to manage the payments directly in the user dashboard.

5. Security

With Shopify, you can not worry about secure hosting or account information security. They have obtained a Level 1 PCI certification. This security cover secures your business, hosting, and shopping cart.

4. Scalability

Once you are ready to scale, Shopify can offer scalability solutions to companies through Shopify Plus. You will be assigned a dedicated Success Manager,  who takes care of business growth and goals with some well-defined strategies.

5. Stability and Reliability

Shopify servers maintain a 99.8% uptime rate. It also provides unlimited bandwidth, which helps in handling the increase in traffic. You can stay at ease knowing that running smoothly, whether it’s day or night.

6. Support Team at Your Disposal

If you need help with Shopify, you can always head to the help center. Support can take care of all types of issues by email, live chat, and phone 24/7, 365 days of the year. Their help center has various tutorials and resources which help you sell products and get started on time.

7. Open Fee Structure

The platform is reasonably priced, making it attractive for businesses that start and want to minimize costs. You will never receive a miscellaneous charge or a false bill for the service. There are several transparent pricing plans, starting from $29/month. Each covers server costs, web hosting, access to the software, customer support, security, etc.

8. Performance

Shopify offers remarkable performance thanks to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that improves mobile and web delivery. It speeds up dynamic assets and effortlessly carries out caching the content. It also serves images faster, reduces traffic, and greatly improves the performance of your website.

9. Great SEO Possibilities

After migrating over to Shopify, your product URLs would most definitely change, but this will not affect the search engine rankings. Shopify expertly redirects all the pages while minimizing on-page changes, monitoring duplicate content. Furthermore, moving to Shopify allows you to include keywords and create simple directories that improve search results. Learn more about how successful Shopify stores leverage the power of digital marketing and SEO to grow sales.

How to Migrate Your Store to Shopify?

So, are you ready to move further with Shopify? If so, you might consider manual, assisted, and automated migration scenarios. However, aware of the complexity, we recommend you to go with an expert. VT Labs can help you with automated migrated solutions as well as with other Shopify development services. Visit to get the benefits that Shopify Plus entails.

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