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JerkDolls – New Adult Games

JerkDolls is one of the best examples of HTML5 adult games done right, coming with excellent graphics and an amazing engine.

HTML5 Is The Future Of Browser Gaming

When it comes to passing time online, browser games were always one of the most popular options. Even back in the days when all we got were Flash games, those sites were thriving, getting tons of unique visitors each day. But things have changed. The Flash technology can no longer offer us the online experience we need, and it started to be phased out by HTML5 since a couple of years ago. So much so that Google Chrome will no longer support Flash starting with December 2020. That’s why any game developer should think about getting into HTML5. Here are a couple of reasons for which this is a great idea.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Back in the days, when all our internet time was happening on a desktop, which was in most cases a PC, Flash was the ideal developing tool. It was easy to use, it was versatile and it ran smoothly. But it had one issue. It couldn’t offer cross platform compatibility. It wasn’t such a big deal back then, because all we had were PCs. But in this day and age, when all our devices are connected to the internet, you need products that will work well on both PC and Mac, but also on iOS and Android devices, plus many others such as handheld gaming consoles and even SmartTVs. This is one of the main reasons for which a gaming developer should think about working in HTML5. The games built this way will work on any device that can run one of the main browsers.

A Better Experience For The User

It’s not long since Flash was phased out, but I think we already forgot about all the annoying updates we had to do manually. Well, that’s a thing of the past with HTML5. All the updates of web apps built this way will automatically update without the end user even realizing. He will just get a better experience with every moth that passes.

Engine Developers Already Chose HTML5

HTML5 became a lingua franca in the gaming developing world. They work on gaming engines to suit HTML5 like it’s the potion for immortality. You have so many options from which you can choose. Amongst the most popular engines of the moment you will find Booty5, Construct 2, Phaser and Turbulenz. And these engines are letting game developers work wonders on their projects. I don’t want to go sideways with this article, but you can see that best in the realistic 3D sex games. That’s because you’ll get to see body anatomy and movement, which in HTML5 look amazing. Sometimes it’s like watching a movie, especially if you’re experiencing the game on a proper screen.

HTML5 Is Easy On Devices

Although our computers and mobile devices are way more performant that what we used to rock back in the 2000s, the things we do on them are also more CPU intensive. One of the reasons for which we ditched Flash was the strenuous burden is placed on the CPU. HTML5 is much lighter, giving you CPU space for all the dozens of apps you run in the background, assuring a smooth and lag free gaming experience even on phone when you’re connected through mobile data.

HTML5 Is Safer

Another big reason that buried Flash was the fact that it came as a plug in that allowed you to play multimedia content in your browser. But at the same time, it was a gate through which spyware could get into your device. HTML5 fixed that and it offers a safer connection, which is really important these days. Banking sites, cloud apps and even porn games that care about your privacy will always used HTML5.

With that being said, you have the main reasons for which you should switch to HTML5 if you haven’t done it already.

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