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How to Optimize Mac Hard Drive with Stellar Drive Toolbox

Many a times, we may have to face the situation where the system has slowed down or things are just not fast as they were on the system. There may be multiple of reasons why this might happen. A fragmented drive, bad hard drive’s condition, directory problems, too many duplicate files and more. The system may not be working with making optimal use of the resources. An optimized drive will not only make the system run faster but keep the functioning of the hard drive in a healthy state and protecting against the unexpected issues that may hinder the availability of the data on the hard drive. This article explores the possibilities of why the system may not be making optimum use of the resources and how to overcome those issues to keep the system healthy using Stellar Drive Toolbox.

Scenarios under which the Stellar Drive Toolbox is useful

Let’s look at the situations in which the Mac system might loose its performance or face a partial failure. In addition, we will also see what functionalities Stellar Mac Drive Toolbox software provides that can help maintain a healthy state of the drive.

Slow performance issues

Over the course of time, the system may have gone through many application installations and uninstallations. This process leaves behind many unwanted files in the form of binaries, large files, duplicate files, language files and more. In addition, the cached files that are unnecessary are left behind from time to time. These files go unnoticed and fill up the system that deteriorates the performance. Stellar Drive Toolbox software efficiently scans these files and presents to the user for removal. It frees the space on the system.

Data backup via cloning the drive

Nobody wants to be in a situation where a disastrous event causes complete loss of the important data. In addition, none of us wants to loose the accessibility to our most important data on the system. To protect against the loss of data, this software facilitates in cloning Mac hard drive periodically so that we have our data available in case the Mac drive fails.

Uninstall apps that you don’t require

Drive Toolbox software knows that by removal of useless and unused software and applications the Mac hard drive can quickly gain plenty of free spaces. These free spaces will help OS X run better on Mac hard disk drive. Moreover, Uninstall feature of Mac Drive Toolbox gets rids of useless plugins and widgets.

Mac Partition Management

Partitioning is a great way to organize the data and separate the system data and user data. It is always a good practice to keep system files separate from other data to prevent a complete data loss in an event of unexpected volume failure or corruption. The operations such as adding, deleting, resizing and formatting a partition can be done with ease using this software. It also provides a functionality to hide and/or reveal a particular partition.

Drive fragment issues

As we keep using the system for adding and removing data or applications, the storage is fragmented and we are unable to make optimal use of the storage space. It also deteriorates the system performance. Here, the Stellar software is used to efficiently perform defragmentation and file arrangement for optimum use of space and boost the performance.

Formatting Mac hard drive

After a recent data backup from a bad hard drive or a partition, we may want to format it for using it again to store data and make use of it again. Formatting will erase all data on the drive or partition. This software provides a utility to erase or format the drive/partition to FAT32 or HFS+ format type. It also provides an option to select the partition type.

Corrupt filesystem and directories

There can be various reasons for filesystem corruption such as a malware attack on the system or unexpected system shutdown (may also corrupt the directories vital to the drive access). These corruption scenarios may lead to drive inaccessibility. This software easily fix these issues and help “rebuild” the corrupt filesystem/directories. Once this is done, the volume is accessible again.

Restore data

Shield is the feature of this software that takes scheduled snapshots (disk imahes) of the system. In an event of drive failure or data loss, these snapshots can help recover the directory and restore it to the working state.

Monitoring S.M.A.R.T parameters

SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a built-in utility on a hard drive that monitors various health parameters like temperature, read/write error-rate, warnings and more. It gives vital information about the health of a hard drive. Stellar Drive Toolbox can read those parameters and take actions in the background to improve the performance. In addition, it issues warnings to the user when the parameters rise above their safe limits. It can be used to detect bad sectors as well.

Data protection and privacy

Confidential information on the hard drive is susceptible to misuse by others. Data encryption algorithms are used to encrypt such vital information and protect the content from others. Mac Drive Toolbox software provides such facility to encrypt the data using user-selected algorithm.

File Finder Mac

If the hard drive has lot of data stored, it becomes a tedious task to look for a particular file in the system. Here comes a handy tool in this software called “Smart Finder” that scans the system for you to look for a desired file. You need to check the system thoroughly all by yourself. It provides two options viz quick scan and strict scan to check for the files.

Other features in Stellar Drive Toolbox

Apart from above mentioned utilities present in this software, it also has functionality to benchmark the system performance by monitoring data transfer speeds and comparing them with the results obtained for other systems. In addition, the software provides smart Mac Care function to schedule other functionalities such as drive cleanup, cloning and more.

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