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How Kids can Learn Greek through Animated Videos?

Each student must be able to communicate in at least two living languages ​​by the end of secondary education. To achieve this objective, language teaching is part of a strong common European perspective. But work remains the main motivation. Indeed, speaking one or more foreign languages ​​has become one of the most useful skills in a workplace.

It is the language of a culture which is in the cradle of Europe and which presents the interest of having developed, without any break in continuity, from Antiquity to the present day; the most recent aspects of this civilization remain to be explored and offer to those who speak Greek today a vast field of research in all fields. Because learning modern Greek allows any student to be in touch with the origins of Western civilization and, most often in France, European country, with the origins of his own culture.

Indeed, Greek writing, the foundation of our alphabetic writing in the West, emerged between 530 and 400 BC, between Ionia and Athens. It is here that “the historiographical miracle becomes part of the miracle of knowledge.

Learning Greek in a fun way

Studies have shown that fun learning positively influences motivation, duration and, above all, learning outcomes. Unfortunately, in schools, the use of new media for learning is often neglected.

Especially when we talk about learning Greek language then videos make it easy. Now Greek language learning becomes easy with help of animated videos.

In animated Videos all words are displayed automatically. First the word appears in English, and then it is repeated twice in Greek. In the second repetition is when your child has to pronounce it out loud.

  • Thanks to the method of learning Long-Term Memory, the language course for children by Animated Videos guarantees that the vocabulary learned by your child will be stored in his long-term memory in a fast and permanent way.
  • Multichannel learning stimulates fun and encourages your child’s learning success. Words are accompanied by images. Therefore the learning Greek by Animated Videos attracts both the auditory and visual interest of the child.
  • The new super learning music technology supports the child’s learning progress, since music increases the concentration significantly and, therefore, increases the learning speed by 32%.
  • The child will learn in a fun and efficient way and will never forget the vocabulary learned!
  • As animated videos are liked by kids so with help of animated movies it become easy to learn Greek language. Also learn by videos are kind of fun for kids.

Benefit of leaning Greek with animated Videos

  • Only the vocabulary is slightly different and contains even more words.
  • The language course for children can be used anywhere, at any time.
  • The child can quickly prepare for the next family trip abroad!
  • With this language video course for children, your child will speak Greek in a few months.

• With Greek language learning course for children, your child will learn about 2500 words in Greek in a few months and acquire the appropriate language fluency.

• The child chooses how many minutes he wants to spend daily learning. All words are played automatically. For the child it will be like watching a movie.

• Thanks to the unique method of learning Long-Term Memory that incorporates the language video course for children; your child will never forget the words he has learned.

• The Animated Videos arouses the child’s curiosity. It is structured in such a way that your child will have fun learning and will be motivated to study every day.

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