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5 High-Tech Ways To Make Your Home Greener

There are plenty of methods we can adapt to, to help us live a greener lifestyle. Learning how to waste less and how to save more is one way to go. However, with technology changing at a fast pace, there are plenty of high-tech ways to make our homes greener which does not take much effort from our side. From taking a shower to cooling our homes, green technology is not only making our homes more efficient, but it is also making our daily lives more comfortable.

1. Energy Efficient Shower

If you think the only way to save water while you take a shower is to wash in a tiny stream of water, think again! There are plenty of high-tech bathroom appliances available to make your bathroom feel like a spa while saving you water and electricity along the way. From dual flush toilets, a motion infrared tap sensor, to energy efficient shower heads and tank-less water heaters.

One great example is the Nebia shower system which can help you save up to 70 % of the water you uses. Even though less water is being used, it will still give you the sensation of heavy water flow as the shower system turns the water into millions of tiny droplets. The Nebia only uses six gallons of water compared to an average shower that uses 20 gallons.

2. Natural Light Robot

Most of the time, the best way to save energy is to remember to turn off the lights as well as home appliances when they are not being used. Switching your old lighting for green lighting options in the form of LED lights and CFL is the best way to go. If you want to take it up a level, you can opt for smart light bulbs which can help you save further energy in various ways. Smart light bulbs, for example, can be controlled remotely or be set to turn off at a specific time.

If you prefer natural light and want to save even further electricity, the natural light robot called Caia is a great alternative to artificial lighting. Caia can be placed in a sunny area inside or outside your home without any installation needed. It will illuminate those dark areas in your home by directing the light to those areas where the sun cannot reach. If you are dealing with basements, closets or rooms without window, another option is to install a light tunnel. Light tunnels, also known as sun tunnels, will capture the sunlight on the roof and reflect it down into the light-less space where you made the installation.

3. Food Recycle Machine

There are tons of food landing in the landfills each day which contributes to bad greenhouse gasses. Now be honest, how many times did you have a good intention not to waste food by placing leftovers in the fridge, but then you find yourself throwing it out a few days later? I’m sure that is a scenario which many of us go through too often! Even though the biggest culprits of food waste are the supermarkets and the food industries, many of us also end up with food we cannot eat.

The best solution to such a problem in our homes is to create a compost bin or container. But let’s face it, composting can be a time-consuming and messy task that most of us are just not up for. Luckily, with high tech innovations, those leftovers do not have to end up in the garbage. The Zera Food Recycler is an example of a food composting appliance that can turn your scraps of food into a homemade fertilizer within only 24 hours.

4. High-Tech Heating & Cooling

As we face hotter summers and warmer winters, it seems merely impossible for people in specific areas not to make use of some type of heating or cooling system. Our only solution to high energy bills during such seasons is to make use of green technologies.

An excellent alternative to HVAC systems is a geothermal heat pump. A system like this makes use of the stable underground temperatures to cool and warm the home, through an underground tube and pumping system that is connected to your home. The initial installation costs of a geothermal heating system are more expensive than the average HVAC system. However, you can expect to save as much as 30 to 40 % on heating and cooling.

5. Energy Monitoring

If one does not know how the energy in a home is being used, it makes it harder to cut down on energy usage. Remember that knowledge is power! Therefore, if you want to conserve more energy at home, it is crucial to understand when, where and how much energy you are using.

There is plenty of home energy management technology available to help one conserve more energy at home or in the office. Energy monitors that are for the entire house, for example, will be able to measure the power being used by individual appliances and send you accurate feedback to the device of your choice. You can also set energy usage alerts, and some devices even let you switch appliances on or off.

Final Thoughts

The best way to turn your home green is, of course, to start living off the grid by making use of solar power, the power of the wind, water catchment systems, and other innovative technologies. Technologies like these are luckily becoming more developed and popular all across the world, so hopefully, we will see a growth in eco-friendly homes soon. In the meantime, we have plenty of high-tech innovations to choose from that will help us live an eco-friendly lifestyle!

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