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Why are High Street Bookmakers Struggling Compared to Online Bookies?

If you have any interest in sports betting, you will have seen in the news how high street bookmakers are not only struggling but closing down. This is in direct contrast to online bookmakers who appear to be prospering while the high street equivalent is facing a tough time. You only have to look at the number of online bookmakers which are being developed seemingly every month to understand the difference. The best bet is to look for Ladbrokes Near Me.

But why are high street bookmakers struggling compared to online bookies?

One of the many reasons why high street bookmakers are struggling to compete with online bookies is the simple matter of convenience. If you are sat at home about to watch a football match for example and decide you would like to place a bet on the game you can turn on your computer and place the bet at an online bookmaker within a matter of minutes. This is much quicker and easier than walking down the street to a bookmaker shop or getting in the car to travel to a high street bookmaker.

Even if you are out of the house either at work or doing something for leisure it is still possible to place a bet using an online bookie. Many of the leading online bookies now have applications which can be downloaded to a mobile device. Thanks to the development in technology such as mobile phones and internet connections it is now possible to place a bet on a sporting event with just a couple of taps on the screen of a mobile phone. You can even bet when sitting on a bus or train.

Again, this is more convenient that having to find a high street bookmaker.

Another reason why high street bookmakers are struggling compared to online bookies is due to the huge choice of online bookmakers available today. One glance at a website such as best betting sites UK shows the huge choice of high quality bookmaker’s currently available online. These will each have slightly different odds for this sporting event on which you would like to bet and therefore you can choose the one which is offering the best value. However, when walking into a high street bookmaker you have only the odds presented to you in the shop with nothing else to compare them with before placing your bet.

Perhaps one of the major reasons why high street bookmakers struggling compared to online bookies is bonuses. Any online bookie worth using will have promotions and bonuses available, especially for new customers. This could be in the form of a free bet up to a specified amount, a matched amount of money with which to bet based on your initial deposit, a money back offer should your first bet lose and so on.

These types of offers are very difficult to come by when using a high street bookmaker and that’s why many people choose to place their bets using an online bookie. Not only will you find special offers for new customers, many online bookies also have ongoing offers throughout the year. Many of which surround major sporting events such as Cheltenham, The Masters Golf and the World Cup. In addition, you will also find some online bookies have VIP member programs and these come with regular promotions.

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