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Apple’s App Development Course And Its Impact On The App Economy

Mobile app development is becoming one of the most buoyant and necessary professions, and as we become increasingly more technologically driven, this will only increase. Not only are more than two thirds of the population using mobile phones daily, but it is believed that by 2020, smart devices and homes will be fully integrated into mobile control. Because of this huge shift and reliance on technology and applications, there is a growing need for development professionals and digital developers.

App analytics firm App Annie recently projected the app economy to be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, with consumer spending on apps also expected to rise a further 18%. But with digital apps still an immature market (Apple’s App Store is still less than 10 years old), it’s argued there is not enough talent to create good, long-standing applications. As this market begins to mature, “long term techies” and developers will be able to impart their wisdom and experience onto the future generations.

App development is a live-in profession, in order to be able to see the future, a person needs to have lived the present, so millennials and the younger generations are an excellent focus, as they will have tested the majority of hardware and software. Because of this, they will therefore have more developed opinions and ideas for growth – all inspiration comes from experience, so it’s important for this to be factored in for the coming years of technological progression.

Well Apple have released plans that will surely turn the next generation of Americans into budding digital developers. The digital giant is set to release a course that will teach students code literacy and how to write on the iOS language programme Swift. This is a way of merging any ideas with the tools to act upon them.

Starting this fall, students in six selected community colleges and high schools will be teaching the curriculum designed by Apple engineers. In the course the students will learn about coding and will create real functioning apps.

What will this mean for the apple economy? Well it has been reported that there is a lack diversity within mobile app developers. So, offering the course at high school and community colleges will ensure future generation’s all have the possibility to work as an app developer, no matter the background. With revenues and consumer usage expected to rise, soon every business will be utilising a smartphone and Apple feels it is essential to have the developers ready to meet demand.

Of course Apple also hopes by teaching budding developers to use its programming language, there will be more exclusive apps for the App Store, concerning Android who are the market leaders with 81% of smartphones in 2016 sold using Google’s software.

It is hard to see the app economy combusting anytime soon, and as these students learn and grow, we can expect to see more inventive and creative coding hit our apps benefiting businesses and consumers alike.


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