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How Machine Learning will Shape the Future of Sports Industry

Remember how goal-line technology redefined how we viewed football, just a few years ago. Similar technologies have constantly updated and redefined the sports industry, revolutionizing how data is collected, and how insights are built for better strategies. Playing strong is very important in sports, and you get that edge over your competition only when you adapt to the new technologies.

Machine learning is continuously disrupting the different industries, and the sports world does not seem to be that far away from being impacted by this technology. The reason being, the people within this industry are constantly collecting data, and analyzing it to make quality and immediate decisions that impact the game. There are quite a few sports scientists who are willing to put in that extra effort to help get their team an edge in the competition.

Before we dive into how machine learning is helping shape the sports industry, we need to understand the exact meaning of machine learning and how it works in detail.

What is Machine Learning?

The machine learning involves a data analytics technique that helps the machine learn all the things that the human mind can naturally comprehend. The idea is to help the machines learn new information from the available data. The machines keep improving and updating their knowledge as the data samples increase. As a result of the updated information, the machines are able to guide you in a definitive manner.

How does this work? Machines capture certain patterns within the data, which helps them derive insights and eventually helps them make better decisions. As a result, they are able to make thorough predictions in every field.

Why you should opt for Machine Learning analytics?

If you think through sports, and the need for machine learning in this field, you would realize that every team wants the use of learning to be able to strategize and plan better for the future matches.

With machine learning analytics, you can get access to information such as the speed of the players within a team and the distance covered by them. you will also know when they are bound to get tired, and when they are absolutely active and full of energy.

As a result, the coach can use these resources at his disposal and go for the best game. You will realize that the team players don’t all see the game the same way, and you need to use their strengths and weaknesses in that way.

In case you are aware that a person is particularly strong at the start of the game, make sure they are placed at the beginning, and you replace them midway.

Let’s go through where all you can apply machine learning analytics.

  • When it comes to machine learning, the main reason you should go for it is that it allows you to research and analyze a large volume of data. You get to receive data from all sources, understand the good data, and then analyze it to receive insights that will help you in the long run
  • Using ML analytics proves to be faster than the other methods. You won’t be able to get the kind of insights you do with ML with the other sources. The added advantage is that all the people involved in receiving the analysis and working on them would be on the same page. Let’s understand one particular insight that should help the coach and the members of the team. Watching past matches will help you understand how the team members of the opposite side are going to play. It will help you analyze their movements and how it will affect you. instead of spending hours watching the videos, you can go with the machine learning analysis. It will give you the same insight within minutes
  • It is a critical method, which uses deep analysis, and allows you to analyze every little bit of the game. It is particularly useful for continuous sports activity

Machine Learning and Future of Sports

You would have seen the statistics that appear on the screen as soon as the ball is hit in a cricket match. You get the speed at which the bowler bowled, the batsmen hit and the length the ball dived. Now imagine, if you were to get an in-depth analysis of this data that would help you in the future to play the game safely. That’s what machine learning will do to the games.

  • Fan engagement is an important part of the sports world. With these statistics and the kind of analysis you get from the data, the fans would be more interested in how to play the game. The fans would have their own insights and would be more critical of the game
  • The movement of the player is tracked, and how they behave on the field is know. Imagine in the wrestling match, you knew how your opponent reacted to every part of the game, then it would become easier for you to get ready the game plan. In case the opponent is predictable and ranking high, it becomes easier for you to derive your own strategy
  • The player’s strengths and weaknesses need to be known before the match. In cricket, it helps you know when to send the player, and how they will play at that number. It will also help you identify their running speed after a few balls and their capability of hitting sixes
  • The machine learning analytics can also help in redefining the sports gear. You will get data that will help you understand whether the gear that you have at present will work in favor of the audience or not. Once the insights are developed on the data you have gathered, it becomes easier for you to know what type of gear will make the sports easier for the player
  • Machine learning helps with the visuals for sports. You can easily gauge what kind of experience the viewer is looking for from the data available
  • With sports organizations looking to improve their efficiency, machine learning helps them understand where they are failing, and how they can improve themselves. The ML data and insights help with increasing productivity.

Takeaways for the sports industry

Sports industry should be looking at machine learning analytics as an opportunity to improve what they offer to the end-users i.e. the coaches, teams and the viewers. It will enhance viewing experiences. In fact, machine learning will help teams stay motivated and play better. There is an increased chance of improving facilities and gear for the players, which will eventually transform the engagement for the players.

A combination of AI and machine learning is definitely set to transform the sports industry. What’s your take on it?

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