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Five XBox One Games That Offer New Experiences

Are you looking to add some unique experiences to your gaming? Are you tired of the same old shooters, racing, and sports games? We know how you feel. Here are five unique games available on the Xbox One to spice up your gaming groove. These games all offer different experiences that are sure to bring something new to the table.

Five Unique Xbox One Games to Energize Your Entertainment

There are many titles to choose from when it comes to gaming, but that doesn’t mean there’s choice. Many of those games copy design aspects or styles from one another. So while there may be hundreds of games available, most of those fall into a few categories: first-person shooter, sports, or racing. Those games are undoubtedly fun, but sometimes you want something different. So check out these five games to bring some new blood to your Box.


You might take one look at the name Gorogoa, and say, “What is that?” It’s one of the most interestingly unique puzzle games ever to grace the Xbox One (or any system). In this imaginative game, players arrange a group of interactive pictures on a four-by-four tile grid. Even before the game was officially released, it already won the 2012 IndieCade award for Visual Design.

What sets Gorogoa apart is that the pictures are interactive and can be interlinked to overcome certain obstacles. For example, a staircase that begins in one picture may end in another picture that must be properly aligned. If you’re looking for a fascinating puzzle game beyond the usual fare, look no further than Gorogoa.

Fantasia: Music Evolved

Do you like rhythm games but want something more? Fantasia: Music Evolved may be for you. Based on the classic Disney movie Fantasia, this game puts you in the magical world of music using your own body. Using the Xbox Kinect, players become the symphony maestro, utilizing their arms to direct the song. Much more than a simple game of timing, or even instrument playing, you conduct Fantasia’s spectral orchestra in this game of music and magic!

Three Fourths Home

If calm, relaxing, and deep thought are your style, this visual novel has you covered. Three Fourths Home presents you with soothing music and a gripping story in which your choices affect the outcome.

While a visual novel type of game may not be for everyone, Three Fourths Home can be a welcome change from the typical diet of standard games. Three Fourths Home stars the player as protagonist Kelly, who gets a fateful call from her mother while on the road. There’s not much more we can say about this game without spoiling the story.

Four Kings: Casino and Slots

Few forms of entertainment offer as much of an excitement as gambling. And Four Kings has that in spades. The most complete casino experience on the Xbox One, Four Kings: Casino and Slots lets you play all of your favorite games without risk.

Of course, because the risk isn’t real, neither is the reward. If you’re looking for something a little more practical, some online sites offer free gaming in the form of a no deposit bonus, so you can scratch that gambling itch without breaking the bank.

Drawful 2

A game that requires a lot of creativity and is full of laughs, Drawful 2 is the sequel to the original Drawful with many extras. Think of Drawful as an online version of Pictionary, where players take turns drawing things and then guessing what each drawing is.

These results are quite hilarious! Additionally, extra players and audience members can join using their cell phones. Drawful 2 is a party game like no other. So if you’re looking for a game that brings everyone together for a humorous time, Drawful 2 is here.

Get Your Game On!

Whether you’re looking turn the pages of an engaging novel, or raking in your winnings at the Big Win Slots, you can game your way! So pull up a chair (or your couch) and let the games begin!

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