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Declutter your inbox with Clean Email

The accumulation of messages on your inbox can hinder the search for information and, to an extent, even cause some anxiety. If your email is so congested that any attempt to sort your messages seems to be in vain, the way might be to delete everything at once.

Does this look radical? Yes, but how many emails do you really need to save? It is normal to have one or the other that has important information, or even sentimentally meaningful content, but most of them probably are not important. Shopping deals, general publicity and similar content usually fills our inbox and, after some time, it gets hard to manage it.

Luckily, there is now a service that can help you regain control: Clean Email. This tool will analyse your entire inbox and divide the messages into broad categories, called “Smart Views”, such as “Top Senders”, “Subscriptions and Newsletters”, “Project Management Tools”, and more.

Then, the user can go to each one of those Smart Views and decide what to do with the emails inside them. In the Free Version of Clean Email, users can manage up to 1000 emails, but this neat email cleaner also has some very interesting premium functionalities to offer.

Some of those features includes Auto Clean, in which users can setup automatic rules to process incoming email, and Unsubscriber, which allows users to see all their current subscriptions and opt out and shows how to unsubscribe from emails.

If privacy is now a concern on your mind, know that Clean Email never reads or processes full emails – in fact, its algorithms only access the emails’ headers, which contain less private information such as the sender, the recipient, dates, subject, email size, and other technical properties.

Available for OS X, iOS and Android, Clean Email really is a powerful ally in the fight to keep email inboxes decluttered and clean, so that their users have an easier time when using them.

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