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ClickAdu: Highly Secure Ad Network to Get the Best Return on your Advertising Dollar

ClickAdu is a premium ad network and a proven service provider specialized in pop-under inventory. It allows advertisers to reach all geographies, devices, and operating systems. It uses the latest ad server technology and resources to help advertisers maximize their profits while keeping their website safe. What makes it different from the crowd is that it is self-serve platform that makes it much easier for advertisers to run their campaigns.

Advantages for Advertisers

ClickAdu supports deep targeting along with highly accurate analytics to help advertisers reach their target audience with high accuracy. You can monitor your ad campaign’s performance in the real time and make adjustments as and when required.

ClickAdu also offers professional and experienced support. There is help available 24 hours a day. Besides, medium and large-sized accounts can get access to dedicated account manager. Setting up and running your ad campaign is easy and quick. Still if you find any difficulty or have any queries at any time, you can instantly reach the support team. The company uses latest industry-leading technology to filter all fraudulent and bot traffic. This further means more ROI for each advertising dollar you spend.

ClickAdu Highlights

This ad network stands out for its following benefits:

  • It is a self-serve platform, making life much easier for advertisers.
  • It is a fully-managed service featuring campaign optimization.
  • It generates high-quality traffic due to its bot and fraud filtering feature.
  • Advanced targeting options are available including geo-targeting, device, site, operating system and many other targeting factors.
  • Target both mobile and desktop channels. This feature again makes ClickAdu stands out because there are very few ad network platforms that allow advertisers to reach mobile.

The automatic campaign optimization feature ensures that there the system will automatically configure your ad campaign to help you get the best ROI against your ad spend. However, at the same time you can make adjust your campaigns based on the real-time statistics to increase the returns.

Features & Benefits

There are many features of ClickAdu that make it the perfect ad network for you.

  • Get Access to Advanced Tools & Services: ClickAdu’s investment in industry-leading ad server technology gives it the edge. This helps in not only maximizing your traffic, it also has a major influence on the quality of traffic. Any artificial or bot-generated traffic is blocked. So the traffic you get highly targeted and genuine.
  • Get Started Quickly & Easily: As an advertiser, it is easy for you to sign up with this best ad network and get started with your ad campaigns. Just fill a simple sign up form and let ClickAdu do the rest. An account manager will reach you and will elaborate on how to initiate your campaigns.
  • Advertise with Ease: ClickAdu has a publisher network of thousands of sites, each one reviewed using its sophisticated server technology to ensure quality traffic. Advertising on this network is not only easy, it is safe too.
  • No Limits on Advertising: Another big advantage of advertising on this network is that there is no limit on promoting your products. All you have to ensure is that your ads follow the terms and policies of this service.
  • You Control Your Ad Spend: As an advertiser on ClickAdu you will have total control over your daily ad spend. Check your statistics and plan your budget to ensure that your advertising dollar is spent to generate the optimal ROI.
  • Highly-Targeted Advertising: ClickAdu’s vast network allows you to choose the websites you want to target. All you have to do is choose the sites you want targeted and the service will do the rest. Thus, you can drive the right type of audience to view your ads.
  • Monitor Fraud Clicks: Another reason you would want to use ClickAdu is that it has a powerful anti-fraud system. This helps in detecting fraudulent clicks on your ads. You will not have to worry about your investment being wasted by fake clicks.


ClickAdu is different from the existing services and ad networks in many ways. It uses advanced technology to ensure that your ads get only high-quality and targeted clicks. It is a fast-growing network that has already created a massive network. It generates over 100-million impressions a day. There are almost 4,000 active publishers and the numbers are growing fast.

ClickAdu allows advertisers to reach all countries in the world. It doesn’t matter which country you want to target your ads, this ad network makes it possible for you. It is important to know that it reviews all accounts before approving them. It is also constantly reviewing links to detect malware or malicious content. This helps ensure that its network remains safe for everyone at all times. If any account is found to violate this policy, it has stringent penalties to remove them from the network.

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