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The Ultimate Guide on Getting Started into PC Gaming

PC gaming has a stigma around it of being a daunting place to enter but what if that was not the case. Often many console gamers that are interested in the PC platform shy away from joining the platform as they deem the PC ecosystem to be intimidating and unnerving.

While this does hold some merit, but it could not have been further from the actual truth. The PC gaming ecosystem can be compared to a shallow lake. As complex and vast it may seem but in actuality, there is not much water in the equation.

The same goes for PC gaming, when you get a hang of the basics everything gradually begins to unfold itself. Like with every other platform you can learn as you go in the PC gaming realm as well.

So, if you previously have been on the verge of getting your first PC but backed out, I will say this is the time to get one as in this article I am going to provide you with a complete beginner’s guide on PC gaming, where to get started and how to progress with your journey all of that good stuff so what are we waiting for let’s dive right in.

Is PC Gaming for You?

If you are not convinced yet on whether you should jump ship to PC gaming, then some of the main advantages which the platform offers will pull you right in and remove your doubts.

I am not saying that console gaming is bad. On the contrary, consoles have their obvious advantages too, and probably you know about them more than me so as of now we are only going to focus on PC gaming.

Control How you Game

The way I see PC gaming is that you are in complete control of everything. From the hardware of the PC, to the launcher you are going to use for games, the application for party chat, and then to the actual game’s graphical settings itself.

You can customize all these aspects according to your liking and pick and choose different applications and platforms you are going to interact with. Once you taste the freedom of the PC gaming ecosystem going back to the shackled approach of PS and Xbox is unsettling, to say the least.

The Volume of PC Game Library is Staggering

Another major advantage that often gets buried under the exclusive titles of PS and Xbox is that the PC gaming platform has a larger game library. The sheer volume of games available just for instance is Steam alone is more than the console library combined.

Where the PC edges out the console is in terms of indie titles. These are small publishers that make more simplistic games. PC also has a vastly superior library of RPG titles.

More Ways to Play

The sheer volume of games added to the fact that once you purchase the game it is yours to keep forever. Unlike consoles where for backward compatibility you have to subscribe to a service, PC just allows you to play any game in your library whether it is a year old or a decade old.

Modding games is another important facet of PC gaming. The mods can completely transform your existing game and hence enable a whole new experience. This adds to the replayability of any game.

If that all tickles your fancy, then I am afraid you are ready to go down the rabbit hole that is PC gaming. So, without further ado let’s get to the nitty and gritty of PC gaming, shall we?

Start Your PC Gaming Journey

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If the decision has been made to get a gaming PC, then the next logical step is to ponder on which direction you want to go with your first gaming PC. There are 3 obvious choices for new gamers so set aside a budget for your PC and let’s get to the options.

Building a PC, Yourself

The most common choice among gamers is to build a PC yourself. For a custom build, you will buy individual parts and then assemble them together. The major consensus in the PC gaming community is that this method is the most effective.

You can not only save the labor cost by building the PC yourself but once you get a hang of it this process is also quite fun.

Prebuilt Gaming PC

Not everyone wants to build a PC, and, in that instance, you can go with a prebuilt gaming PC. There are plenty of good options available and I would personally recommend the CyberPower Gamer Xtreme VR as a first gaming PC.

That being said, do bear in mind that at the end of the day you will be paying more to get your PC preassembled. So, if you have a tight budget, to begin with then I recommend ditching this idea in favor of a custom build.

Gaming Laptop

The gaming laptop is another means by which you can enjoy PC gaming but frankly, I would advise against it if portability is not your main priority. Paying a hefty amount for less performance is not ideal for a first gaming machine.

The Hardware

If you have decided to go with a prebuilt PC, then great you can skip this section but for the folks building a PC themself, this one’s for you.

Buying the correct hardware is necessary and this is how you should go about it. Search for the recommended specifications of the game you want to play the most on your PC. For instance, let’s take GTA 5 as an example.

Search for the recommended specifications of the game and buy your hardware accordingly. This is the simplest method you can adopt to get yourself up and running.

As to the components you need they will include: graphics card, processor, RAM, motherboard, CPU cooler, Power supply, case, storage drive (SSD).

The Peripherals

Unlike consoles which come packaged with the required gear for PC, you have to buy it separately.

The first thing you have to consider is the monitor. The monitor should be in line with the performance of the graphics card.

If you are buying a powerful graphics card get a 165hz 1080 or 1440p monitor otherwise for a budget build, go with a 1080p 60hz monitor.

The next two peripherals which you have to consider are the mouse and the keyboard. The choice of these is heavily dependent on the individual so I won’t comment on this further.

Got Your First Gaming PC, Now What?

Upon successfully getting your first gaming machine the next thing you are faced with is how to play games on it off course. Unlike consoles, PCs require upfront setup to everything up and running.

To get started download steam and discord and sign up for these platforms. Steam is the most popular game launcher on PC, and it has a vast library of games to choose from. On the other hand, discord is a popular party chat platform.

For your first game, you either buy your favorite game from the Steam store or jump right into CSGO which is free to play on Steam to get your first-hand experience of keyboard and mouse, here you will also get a taste of what the PC gaming community is all about.

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