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Published on August 16th, 2022 | by Sumit Bhowal


What you need to know about The Paskahousu Korttipeli

The term of the popular game means “Shit Pant”: Paska, which equals shit, and housu, which in singular form is called housut, which translates to trousers. More specifically, it means an individual with shitty pants or a person who is excessively afraid.

The game is connected to shithead but does not have the same features. Shithead was a game that was moved around the universe by backpackers. It was popular in the previous decade of the 20th century, and the young generation engaged in the game globally.

Read more to understand the rules of the Paskahousu game;

King, Jack, And Queen Of Spades Playing Cards

Players Involved and The Cards

In most cases, paskahousu korttipeli is enjoyed by fewer than three players and not more than five. But there is a likelihood of two to six players engaging in the game. The rule about Deal and Play moves clockwise.

The 52-card pack applies well; the cards are positioned from the highest to the lowest. Number Twos, Tens, and Aces are termed unique cards. Suits do not use in this game.


The dealers act like the game’s controller, providing every player with a set of two cards, then another batch of two cards again, then a single one; therefore, at the end of issuing cards, every player has five cards.

The unissued cards are placed while facing down to make a drawing reserve.

Person Holding Playing Cards

The Rules In Play

The player who has many cards labeled three plays first. If most of the players have threes, then from those players, the first one in sequence counting clockwise from the dealer’s space plays first. If the game lacks a player with many threes, then the player with many four starts, with connections broken similarly; if there is no player with fours, then the player with many cards labeled five begins, and so on.

The game focuses on doing away with a person’s card by playing them with a face-up play stock in the middle of the table close to the reserve bundle.

During your turn as a player, there are three main likelihoods;

  • Play using a card or two or more similar positions from your hand to the play bundle.
  • If you are not interested or are not in a position to play, fetch the whole of the play stock and put more cards in your hand, and it happens to be the next player’s turn to play and clear the table.
  • If the reserve is not empty, raffle the top card of the reserve and attempt to play it. If the play is acceptable, the card is played. If it is not, the card you raffled and the whole play stock is added to your hand, and the turn to play proceeds to the next player.


When you have less than five cards after playing in your hand, and the stock is clear, you have to draw cards from the upper part of the stock until you get five cards again in your hand. You can have less than five cards in your hand when the stock is clear.

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