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6 Major Benefits of Using Call Centre Disposition Codes in A BPO Industry This 2016

Call disposition is a call centre industry term that describes the outcome of the call. By tracking down the call centre outcomes the sales manager could here gain valuable intelligence that they could further use optimizing their sales team process. Call disposition codes are a few simple features that would not just have an enormous impact on the call centre productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction ratings these are one of those features that the call centres generally cannot afford to be without. Below given is a few helpful information about call centre disposition codes along with their benefits in the inbound call centre industry.

Follow up reminders to the call centre industry agents

If an agent faces a customer who requires a follow up, then in that situation the disposition code follow up can be used by the agent for marking the status. The next call centre industry agent who is responsible for the follow up would then handle the call as per the needs and requirements of the customer in the call centre industry. They could here also add an additional note if required and could later on add the disposition code if the query of a specific customer is resolved. This would help in streamling the process of follow up at all levels of interaction.

Easily keeping the management informed

Call centre industry agents do not have much of the time to dig through the call recordings and contact history searching for the outcome of an important call. Through the call centre disposition codes they would not have to do any of this. They could hear see the disposition codes that were applied while the agents had interaction with customers. This would make it easy to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the call centre outcomes in seconds.

Real time experience to the call centre agents

Call dispositions would here provide real time experience to the agents as they were well informed about the status of a call, and the kind of conversation that has to be done with a specific customer. When a call centre industry agent finishes the call the disposition window would pop out and the agent could here then use the code in order to mark the status of your call. Hence if anyone in the team has the access to view the information with reference related to a specific call then they could prepare things themselves accordingly.

Assigning customer labels for an at glance customer overview

You could here have customized labels created for your team at one glance, immediately identifying which customer or issue you have been talking about.

Creating a more successful calling campaign list

List out the individuals who would be interested in creating campaign calls along with the ones who do not have any time for it. Disposition of codes in a call centre industry would here allow you to make a whole list of individuals interested in creating campaign calls, and those who are not and allow you to relay on the information to your whole team.

Having your team members on the same page

Informing every one about how a call turned out would really eat up your time. They would here usually relay on the entire information through emails, by mouth or by phone calls. And when you would here use the disposition codes the information here could be cascaded faster than ever before. They could then select things from the menu, adding up notes so that if any other agent in the call centre industry encounters a similar call, they would then have no idea of what to do.

To conclude code disposition are simple but yet another powerful tool in the organization that would keep your entire team on the same page, allowing call centre industry agents to gain a comprehensive understanding of the metrics that are actually useful to them. So what other would you like to add to the list above when it comes to code disposition?? Do leave your thoughts below??

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Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

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