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Top 5 Lockboxes for Real Estate Agents

Lockboxes come in numerous shapes and sizes with many brands and types from which to choose. It’s worth investing the time to look at the different options because you will likely use what you buy for a long time.

Don’t have time to do the research? No worries. We have a great list of the best lockboxes for real estate agents. Let’s check them out!

Based on price, customer reviews, features, material, quality, ease of use and durability. We have compiled a shortlist of five options.

1. Supra® eKEY®

Supra lockboxes are not only easy to operate but also very durable. They are constructed of tough materials that are difficult to scratch or break. You can access them with a smartphone or electronic key. Supra is also known for its superior customer service. The company provides phone support seven days a week from 5 AM to 7 PM PST. Read more about Supra lockboxes at

2. Sentrilock

Sentrilock is the official lockbox solution of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Its lockboxes are known for their ability to withstand the most brutally cold and oppressively hot temperatures. Features include an illuminated keypad and batteries that last for four to five years.

3. WordLock KS052BK

WordLock KS052BK is mostly known as the largest lockbox. If you want to store many more keys with even the garage key too in your lockbox, then can smoothly go for this one. Made of stainless steel, it’s not only durable and safe, but it can also hold several items. The lockbox contains weather-resistant materials. It uses words. So, you can remember the passwords easily.

4. Master Lock 5400D

Do you want a standard lockbox at a minimal price? Master 5400D can help you with that. It is comparably cheaper. It can make room for 2-3 standard-sized keys. Besides, this lockbox is of a vinyl-covered shackle with an inner metal. So, you don’t need to worry about any scratches.

5. Lion Lock 1500

While some of the lockboxes are easy to use and some of them are cheaper, Lion Lock 1500 comes with both qualities. It’s effortless to use, durable, and less expensive. You can enjoy two of the products in a pack. Made of solid metal and sturdy to resist sawing and hammering too. This lockbox can hold two keys, tamper-resistant and very durable.

There are many good options when considering the best lockbox brand and model for your business. Once you start using them you will not be able to skip the convenience and added safety they offer.

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