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What is and how to check my work history?

If you are working and you do not know how many weeks you have contributed, you need to consult your work history so that you can manage information about your contributions to the pension fund to which you are affiliated. In the following article we will see what it is and how to consult my work history.

What is employment history?

Work history is the list of obligatory periodic contributions made to the regimes of the General Pension System by affiliates based on the salary they earned. In other words, it is a document that reflects the contributions you have made throughout your working life to the General Pension System.

In the work history of a member, the personal data is reflected, the companies with which you have worked and that have made contributions to social security, the periods worked for which you made contributions are detailed, as well as the weeks quoted and the periods missing, those periods in which there is no contribution.

As a result of the data provided by the work history , it has the function that the affiliate can review if he has the right to an economic benefit, be it an old-age pension, a disability pension, a survivor’s pension, substitute compensation or funeral aid. Hence the importance that affiliates should review it periodically, to determine if they have the weeks required to opt for the aforementioned options. It is important to note that you can not use free people search engines to look for an employment history.

How to check my work history?

Checking the work history is a process that the affiliate must carry out periodically, that is, once or twice a year. Since the query allows the affiliate to look at details such as:

  • That the related periods correspond to the periods worked with each employer.
  • That the reflected salary corresponds effectively to the one earned by you.
  • That personal data and employer data are correct.
  • Evaluate any period reported as missing where you have been linked to an employer or made contributions as an independent.
  • And very importantly, it allows you to keep a record that the employer is quoting your weeks properly, without missing any.

Next we will see how to consult my work history in Colpensiones.

How to consult my work history in Colpensiones?

Colpensiones offers the affiliate several options to consult and download the work history, among the options are:

Attend in person at a Colpensiones-PAC, Cade or Supercade service point. The request to obtain the report is in person by presenting the original of your identity document to the Colpensiones official.

You can also make the query through a proxy or an authorized third party, for which the following must be taken into account:

Consultation of work history through a proxy: a proxy is a person with a law degree who has the legal capacity to act in the name and on behalf of the member. To consult the labor history, you must present documents such as a legible photocopy of the affiliate’s identity document enlarged to 150% as the case may be, presentation of the attorney’s identity document, plus the attorney’s professional card and the power of attorney duly conferred with personal presentation before the notary public.

Consultation of work history through an authorized third party: an authorized third party is a person who has the member’s permission to act on his or her behalf, said person, when requesting the member’s consultation, must present a series of documents. Among them, the legible photocopy of the affiliate’s identity document expanded to 150% as the case may be, letter of authorization with the specific faculties and personal presentation, plus the presentation of the identity document of the authorized third party.

Consultation of the work history of a family member of a deceased member: if the member is deceased, the request must be requested only by a family member (parents, spouse, partner, child or a proxy), attaching documents such as a photocopy of the Civil Registry of Death of the member, Civil Registry of Birth if the applicant is a parent, Civil Registry of Marriage if the applicant is a spouse and if it is a child must present the Civil Registry of Birth of the applicant.

Knowing what it is and how to consult my work history allows the affiliate to give the value it deserves to periodically reviewing their work history, to find out if everything is in order with the weeks quoted and the contributions that your employer must make. Any eventuality or error that you observe, you can quickly fix it with your employer and receive your quotes up to date.

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