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CISO Job Interviews – How to Ace the Process

A chief information security officer holds an senior-executive position of a company responsible for maintaining, protecting and structuring technology and its assets. Successful candidates project a confident and outgoing personality during a job interview and this mirrors a lot to CISOs. They are excellent listeners, problem solvers, yet know when to offer a friendly and useful comment that furthers their appeal. Their appearance is meticulous. So how do you achieve these things to make sure you land that CISO job you’ve been eyeing for a while?

CISOs deal with not only helping, supporting, and practically running a company. They also represent the company itself. When it comes to job interviews, there are no new and top-notch preparation that you need to remember. All the basics are out there. However, there are few BETTER and simple things you need to watch out for; focusing on your physical presentation, then on your verbal preparation.


The Vehicle

It is not a secret and it’s not it doesn’t seem right but employers offer less money to superior candidates who drive old, beat-up cars. It screams “desperation,” and some employers take advantage of it. After all, they are in business to earn a profit, so they hire as cheaply as possible.

Try to borrow a newer car to drive to a job interview. If this isn’t possible, then park off-site a block away. If someone should say anything, which is rare, just mention that you plan to run errands after the interview.

Your Clothing

According to a post of Leave Dates, Surviving Your First On The Job, wearing proper clothes shows you understand the company’s culture. Stick with classic styles rather than trendy ones. It’s your job to impress the person or team interviewing you, and classic styles are a safe way to please people of all personalities. Moreover, it’s easy to update a classic suit with a new shirt or blouse.

There’s a reason you see the heads of corporations wear navy blue suits. Navy blue is considered a powerful color. Wear it to your job interview. Make sure your socks match your slacks, not your shoes. And polish your shoes to a military shine.


Your Resume

Being a CISO who is looking to land the perfect job, make sure that your resume follows the correct format. Using the right details and arrangement of a senior executive resume sample, you’ll be able to provide the right information the hiring company is looking for.

Take several copies of your resume with you. Human Resources does not always provide copies to each manager. Print the resumes on thicker stock rather than cheap printer paper. If you have them, make sure to keep them in a zippered pouch or attache case.

Practice Your Responses

While your appearance is the first impression on a potential employer, your verbal responses must be as attractive as your attire. This is where advance preparation can give you an edge over the competition.

Job websites usually post lists of the most common interview questions. Print the list and write out a good response to each one. Practice these responses aloud in front of a mirror. As you talk, you’ll naturally modify some of the responses as you think of better ways to express yourself. Keep practicing until you’ve perfected the process.

This method benefits you in several ways. First, you will have the confidence of being prepared with intelligent answers. Second, practicing aloud is a good way to eliminate the clumsy interjections that unprepared people utter as they try to think of an answer. You’ll come across as a good conversationalist and a well-prepared candidate.

Employment Blemishes

Employment blemishes include having lengthy periods of unemployment, being fired from a job, being demoted, or taking a pay cut. You do not have to bring attention to these issues on your resume or in the job interview. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable, so you need to know what to do. Being able to define your success will help you center your career in your dream job.

Be honest in your responses but do not volunteer extra information unless it is beneficial to you. For example: you were fired because the cash register was short $100. Unless you signed a statement admitting guilt, you can respond to this question by mentioning that other people had access to the same register, or that you were not the person who balanced the register at the end of the night.

If your problem is a period of long unemployment, then mention how you’ve been keeping your work skills in top shape. There are many free online classes that keep you abreast of the latest changes in your field. Every time you finish one of these classes, print out the certificate or confirmation email. It shows you are keen to continue employment in your chosen profession. Additionally, look for volunteer opportunities in your field or a closely related one, so you can provide current references.


It’s always been a battle to get a better job. It’s not just the economy, it’s logistics. There are fewer jobs at the higher rungs of the ladder. You can and should go after these jobs. Competition might be fierce, but there is always a winner. Use these tips to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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