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Make Your Household a Beacon of Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil have been powering our communities for 150 years. These sources comprise about 82% of the energy supply worldwide. We need them and use them for most of the activities we engage daily.

However, we are called upon to reflect on the consequences of our actions. The increasing influence on greenhouse gases on climate is a clarion call for all of us to decide how to sustain our energy needs.

The claws of the fossil fuel industry upon the globe

The fossil fuel industry will not let go of its old on the world that easily. The support and belief in traditional energy sources would be difficult to topple, but we must acknowledge the consequences of the continued utilization of fossil fuels. A warming world is not a hospitable world.

It is also a dangerous word. Science has established a direct link between fossil fuel usage and the persistently increasing temperature that envelopes the earth. Yet, people and organizations that have chosen to put their faith on renewable energy sources are unafraid to go against the institutions built on fossil fuels.

Perhaps we should take the time to learn more about renewables, and see why the belief in their viability as sound and reliable energy sources is only getting stronger.

Renewable energy

The modern world will be at a standstill without the non-renewable energy sources we’ve become dependent on. But, there is a place for renewable sources. We can still live in comfort and enjoy the conveniences that define urban life if we embrace a more sustainable way of life.

There are numerous definitions of renewable energy. Simplified, these energy sources are perpetually available and inexhaustible. These qualities are the direct opposite of finite fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are natural sources of energy formed in geological time (approximately 360 to 280 million years ago) from the remains of living organisms.

Every time we mine a coal deposit or pump out oil from a well, we are using a fuel source that cannot be replaced during our lifetimes.

Wind and sun

It should matter that one wind turbine can power 1400 households – the size of a small town. Humankind has been harnessing wind energy for thousands of years, but it is only now that we have the means to use turbines that can generate electricity.

The sun will supply the world with energy for the next five billion years. Sunlight is free and readily available. The technology is becoming more affordable, and we can even use stored sun power at night, on cloudy days, and rainy days.

It should matter that solar panel service in Utah and the rest of the renewable energy sector are creating new jobs. Newly established industries are finding fertile ground. The benefits of wind and solar power are undeniable.

The question remains – why aren’t we embracing available technology and choosing renewable power sources?

Your home can be a beacon or green energy – an excellent example to the community that renewable energy sources are here and can sustain our daily needs and requirements.

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