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How Modern Homes Use New Tech to Fight Climate Change

Climate change has been a significant environmental threat, affecting humans, animals, and plants. Thankfully, this menace can be significantly addressed with a few innovative methods and make the world more sustainable. Here are some ways modern homes can use technology to fight climate change.

Use Carbon Capture

The effects of climate change can be devastating, and carbon dioxide is one leading cause of climate change. At home, this gas is produced when burning fossil fuels, reducing the earth’s ability to cool itself and potentially increasing the effects of climate change.

As the name implies, carbon capture is capturing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or reducing its presence to mitigate climate change. Homeowners can apply this strategy in multiple ways, like planting more trees in their yards to capture carbon dioxide.

Another idea is to use wood construction to delay the release of carbon dioxide due to decomposition. Carbon capture is an easy technique that removes emissions without advanced or expensive technology.

Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are plentiful in the world and readily available to us. The most common types of renewable energy are solar, geothermal, hydropower, biomass, and wind power.

These energy sources are usually naturally replenished, emitting little or no environmental pollutants. Homeowners can, therefore, embrace these energy sources to reduce the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and significantly reduce climate change.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliance

Home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines increase comfort and make work easier. However, some appliances are more energy efficient than others and more effective in controlling climate change.

For instance, energy-efficient appliances like heating systems make better use of their energy source, reducing climate change effects by reducing overall energy use. If your HVAC unit is old or the ducts are dirty, change or upgrade the unit to save energy and fight climate change.

You can also change the unit’s location because duct losses are responsible for more than 30% of space conditioning energy consumption. Find the most energy-efficient appliances for your house needs and use them well to fight climate change.

Embrace Sustainable Building Strategies

Energy used in most buildings causes a significant amount of carbon pollution in the world. Homeowners can significantly reduce carbon emissions to the environment by adopting better sustainable building practices, like upgrading windows and doors and insulating their homes.

Generally, the heat lost or gained through the windows increases heating and cooling energy consumption by 25% to 30%. Therefore, upgrading to more energy-efficient windows can help you fight climate change.

Try Weatherization

Weatherization plays an enormous role in reducing the energy burden at home and also curbing climate change. Sealing your home with weather stripping, spray foam insulation, and caulk reduces the amount of cold air getting into your home and hot air getting outside during the summer and vice versa during the winter.

Effective weatherization can reduce emissions from your house and make the home more sustainable. Other than adding seals, you can also utilize cellular shades, which are affordable and energy-efficient.

As the Department of Energy says, homes with cellular shades can reduce heating energy consumption by 20% and up to 15% on both cooling and heating energy consumption. Find the most effective weatherization method to apply in your home based on your budget and personal preferences to make your home more sustainable.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have been around for a while and are popular for a variety of good reasons. Unlike normal vehicles, electric cars release zero emissions to the environment, reducing the effects of climate change. Modern homeowners concerned about the environment can drive electric cars to reduce the emission of exhaust gasses and lower pollution. The initial costs for these cars may be high, but the maintenance is quite low, plus they offer impressive environmental benefits.

Technology advancements are happening every day, and we can utilize them to make the world a better place for us. Try any of the above practices, and seek the help of an expert whenever you experience a challenge in adopting any of them.

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