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3 Great Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200 for your Home Office

As a techie, it’s probably safe to say you spend hours every day in your office chair. Whether you’re a coder, engineer, or designer, it’s normal to be glued to your chair at least 8 to 10 hours a day. With those long hours inevitably comes the common back pain, neck stiffness, and numb legs.

What you need is an ergonomic office chair.

An ergonomic chair on the other hand takes problems such as slouching into account, coming with features like lumbar support and adjustable head and backrest. The seat material has sufficient padding for you to sit on for extended periods of time, with armrests that are height adjustable to support your limbs properly.

Here are 3 great ergonomic office chairs that cost less than $200 we recommend you consider to replace your current office chair if it ain’t doing its job.

TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair

The Topsky chair allows you to sit for hours without developing problems such as neck and back pain, herniated discs and spinal misalignment. The stand out feature is the dedicated headrest that can be tilted to cradle your neck precisely. This is a high end feature rarely found on ergonomic chairs below $200.

Passing BIFMA standards in terms of quality, this is sturdy chair with adjustable 3D headrest, adjustable arm rests and high density mesh cover to keep you cool on the hottest days.

Lumbar support is always important, and the Topsky’s lumbar support can be pushed in or outwards to contour to your back. The chair is 26’’ wide and 48.5’’ in height with a 5-star chair base and casters that swivel 360゚. It can accommodate people up to 330 pounds in weight.

Source: http://www.topskyfurniture.com/product/product-88-453.html

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

This is a high end ergonomic office chair, easy on the eye and incredibly affordable. Hbada is known for cutting edge chair designs that are stylish, professional and minimalistic looking. I’m a huge fan of the thick white frame layered with black cushioning that makes this look like the captain’s chair on a spaceship. This chair’s seat is large and sturdy, and the cushion is thick, making it particularly comfortable for heavier people.

The chair’s dimensions are 26.8″(L) x 26.8″(W) x 44.5″-47.6″(H), catering to people up to weight of 330lbs. The chair comes with a 360゚swivel, heavy-duty nylon base as well as smooth-rolling casters for mobility and stability. The back- and headrest is contoured to match the natural shape of your body, reducing back tension and guaranteeing comfort for long sessions at your office desk.

True, the lumbar and headrest aren’t adjustable, but most users find that no adjustment is actually needed with this chair to feel comfortable. The tilt mechanism means you can go from 90゚ to 150゚as required and simply lock the chair at that position. The mesh used on the chair is breathable, keeping you cool during those hot Summer months. The armrests are height adjustable with soft padding for superb comfort.

Source: http://ergonomictrends.com/best-ergonomic-office-chairs-under-200-reviews/

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

Big and tall people no longer have to worry about their bodies aching from being stuffed into standard sized chair. The AmazonBasics chair, for well under the $200 mark, is luxurious as well as spacious, with the large frame that supports up to 350 pounds. The adjustable lumbar mechanism provides additional support for your lower back, while the tilt mechanism allows you to set the chair to the angle you like.

Good to look at with its curved armrests, this executive chair’s dimensions are 29” ×27.2” ×47”. The seat’s cushioning is made up of soft, flexible leather and padding to provide comfort for many hours. The chair’s pneumatic control handle raises or lowers the seat to suit the desired chair height, adjusting from 18.75” to 22.25”. The curved and supportive seat back provides lumbar support and adjustments for your height. As opposed to a tilt lock, the chair has a tilt tension adjustment which allows you to choose the spring tension applied when reclining in the chair. When up and work, there’s no twisting and turning your body to reach for items as the chair rotates fully for total efficiency and safety.

Source: http://www.topskyfurniture.com/product/product-88-453.html


A painful back and neck is unbearable at the best of times, but when aggravated by continuous sitting in an uncomfortable chair, it becomes sheer torture. The 3 ergonomic office chairs in this post should all bring great relief to any office worker, and at a price that won’t force you to work overtime to pay off.

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