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How Do You Choose The Right Gaming Accessories?

Video games have come a long way. From something simple as Pacman to the visual marvels like Ghost of Tsushima or Rise of the Tomb Raider, game developers have significantly taken game design to the next level. But for modern games to be fully appreciated, you will need to have the proper gaming accessories.

Unfortunately, if you are not tech-savvy, you will find it hard to look for the right gaming accessories since your options are practically unlimited. So to help you in your search, here is a guide on choosing the right gaming accessories.

A Guide in Choosing the Right Gaming Accessories

For a basic gaming setup, you will need to have five accessories to get the best experience. Most of these accessories are supported by both PC and Consoles, so whatever platform you are in won’t matter.

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Choosing a Gaming Keyboard

There are two types of keyboard in the market – mechanical and membrane. But when it comes to gaming, the benefits of a mechanical keyboard are far outclasses membrane keyboards.

For instance, most gaming mechanical keyboards come with features like faster switch actuation, option to set macros, different layouts, durable switches etc. A decent mechanical keyboard can not only be a good weapon for gaming, but also productivity, as the feel of the mechanical switches when typing is something to be experienced.

Choosing a Gaming Mouse

For a gaming mouse, there are only a few things you need to check. Such as having a high DPI sensor for better accuracy and being lightweight so you can move fast.

You will also need to look out for its shape since an ergonomic mouse can ensure that you will not feel any discomfort when playing games for long hours.

You can use the guide by RUGGED if you are having trouble finding a good mouse for your setup. Do not forget about a mouse pad, too, because it ensures accuracy and smooth movement.

Choosing a Gaming Headset

A top-quality headset is essential for every gaming setup. It ensures that you can speak clearly to your team in co-op games and lets you hear footsteps or other crucial sounds especially, in horror and stealth games. You can also use it  to listen to some music to be more productive.

A good headset should be lightweight, have a sturdy frame, and have large ear cushions so your ears will not hurt after use.

Choosing a Monitor

You will need to determine the refresh rate, response time, size, and resolution if you want a decent gaming monitor. So, follow the considerations below.

Refresh Rate – The rate your monitor updates with new information. the higher the number, the smoother the gaming experience. A higher refresh rate is key in competitive games because you can get the image information faster and one up your opponents. A word of caution though – higher refresh rates do require you to have a better GPU. There is no point in having a 240Hz display if your GPU isn’t able to churn out the same number of frames in real time.

Response Time – The speed you monitor takes to change from black to white for individual pixels or different shades of gray. This wouldn’t matter typically but, you will need it to be fast for a gaming setup. An ideal response time should be 5ms. The best is 0.5ms.

Size – For a desktop setting, a 27-inch monitor should be enough. But do take note of the pixel density. A gaming monitor should have at least 109 pixels per inch for your games to appear sharp.

Resolution – Most modern games today cannot be appreciated if you do not have a high-resolution monitor. The higher the resolution, the sharper and clearer the image.

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Choosing a gaming chair

It may sound like it’s another expense but, you must get a decent chair for your gaming setup. That is because you should always feel comfortable when playing your games. The last thing you need is backaches.

A good gaming chair should have an armrest with back support. For the materials, you will likely choose between leather and fabric. Leather is more durable and spill-proof, while fabric gives more comfort. But, remember, before you buy, check the weight it can support. So you know you have the perfect fit.


The video game industry has changed so much in recent years that people can even make a living just by playing games today. But, whether you want to play games to pass the time or if you’re streaming, you will need to have the proper setup to get the best experience. So, follow the tips above to get the best out of your games.

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