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Best Uses for Drones with Cameras

We all know that drones nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the miniature ones that easily fit in the palm of your hand, to the monstrous ones taking up half of your room. Not only that, but drones also come in a wide variety of prices. If you are aiming for the cheapest ones you can easily get a decent come-up for less than $20 which can be considered quite the bargain. Even more so if you take into considerations that some of these mini drones even have their own cameras. Truth be told, you can’t expect an HD cam on them. You will most likely be facing a 0.3mp that will produce pictures on which you’ll barely recognize your own face.

Now if you are looking for drones with cameras among the more expensive price tiers, there are lots of good models available. This is not only because of a high demand for drones these days, but because of the sheer amount of possible applications they have. Believe it or not, drones with cameras have already established themselves in several different industries as innovative gadgets. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a couple of industries that are now using them to increase their competitiveness.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a major factor in the overall popularity of drones these days. Their ability to capture amazing moments from a new breathtaking perspective is something that sets them far apart from the competition. This resulted in many professional photographers pivoting to aerial photography in order to keep their level of competitiveness. This is not surprising at all, especially considering people are thrilled with drone photos and are willing to pay good money for them. Of course, a big factor in all of this are the premium heavy lifting drones that can carry bulky professional cameras with motorized gimbals for optimal picture stability. All of this allows for amazing aerial pictures and videos of exceptional quality, and all thanks to modern day drones.

Real Estate

Drones have established themselves in the real estate industry as well. A couple of years ago, we’ve started seeing breathtaking aerial shots of various properties. What was in the beginning an innovation of few biggest names in the real estate industry, is now a must for all those who want to remain competitive on the market. So without a doubt, drones are unavoidable nowadays, especially if you want your real estate business to grow. Since more and more real estate agents are acquiring drones together with the FAA licenses, there is no doubt you will need to get them too if you want to stand a chance in the industry. Nothing shows that you mean business more than an awesome aerial shot of a beautiful countryside villa ready for sale…

Music Videos

Music videos are an art form in their own right… A couple of years ago, if you wanted to get a perfect aerial shot you had to rent a helicopter and a camera crew to do the job for you. Needless to say, it was really expensive so music video producers usually steered away from it (except for those who worked for tier A pop stars) in order to keep their budget at bay. Nowadays, the situation is a lot different. Basically, all you need for great aerial shots for your next music video is a drone equipped with a solid 4K camera. It’s as simple as that. Many artists are already using this new technique and are creating outstanding music videos with breathtaking scenes. Take OK Go’s music video for his song called I Won’t Let You Down as an example. The combination of aerial footage and artistic dancing makes up for a mesmerizing music video that has gathered a lot of praise over the course of last 2 years.


Many of you already know about the applications of drones in the above-mentioned industries… but I bet a lot of you are not familiar with the usage of drones in agriculture. More and more farmers are investing money in small fixed wing drones and/or quadcopters in order to take better care of their crops and increase their precious yields. With the help of this new technology, farmers are able to notice crop damage quicker than they would be able to using old fashioned ways. In addition to that, there are also specially designed drones that carry liquid containers and are equipped with interchangeable nozzles that can be used for application of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. They can cover massive amounts of land in short time frames as well, making them superior to the old conventional ways. Approximately, the premium ones such as the DJI’s Agras MG1 can cover 7-10 acres per hour with its 10kg liquid tank. Fully automated from takeoff to landing, these drone fertilizers are saving farmers thousands of bucks and giving them enough free time to concentrate on more important work.


Now that you all know a bit more about the main uses of drones across several huge industries, we believe that you now also understand their importance for mankind. Needless to say, with further improvements in technology, drones will become even more important parts of our everyday lives. As such, it is important to encourage our youth to explore their possibilities and push their imagination to the limits and beyond!

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