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The Latest Signed Agreements of Dragonfly Aerospace

Dragonfly Aerospace is well known for its CubeSat camera that has already introduced a significant revolution in the aerospace industry of South Africa. As it looks forward to developing a product line and delivering higher satellite solutions, the company signed agreements and entered into collaborations with numerous industry players. As the CEO of Dragonfly Aerospace says, all endeavors of the company aim to deliver high-quality earth imaging solutions for improved business intelligence and life on earth.

Dragonfly Aerospace to Deliver Electro-Optical Imagers to Pixxel

In a landmark move, Dragonfly Aerospace has recently signed an agreement with the leading space company Pixxel as both share visions for making life on earth better with space technology. Dragonfly Aerospace has agreed to manufacture and deliver high-resolution electro-optical imagers to Pixxel. The latter is an Indian space company all set to launch its satellite ‘Anand’ for generating near real-time earth imaging data.

The high-resolution electro-optical imagers will be developed by Dragonfly Aerospace for the satellite constellation designed by Pixxel. This constellation will use the cameras for capturing images of the whole globe and generate data for 24 hours—it will help global organizations in detecting, predicting, and monitoring global occurrences. Pixxel puts faith in the state-of-art remote sensing technology of Dragonfly Aerospace, producing high-performance imagers and satellites.

Dragonfly Aerospace’s Hyperspectral Camera to Be Launched by International Aerospace Consortium

A satellite mission called D-2/AtlaCom-1 will be launched by NanoAvionics, a top mission integrator, and nanosatellite bus manufacturer company. This mission will be carrying different payloads with it that will be provided by an international collaboration. The collaboration will consist of an international consortium and partners, “HyperActive” with other aerospace industries association members, including Dragonfly Aerospace.

The payload to be contributed by Dragonfly Aerospace includes a hyperspectral camera for remote sensing imaging. Demonstrative testing of hyperspectral imaging, along with communication payloads, is going to be the first aim of this mission. Building on that, the mission will also forage into the market sentiment for this data. Whatever data will be generated during this in-orbit testing of the satellite mission can be availed by interested parties from anywhere in the world.


Mantis Imager Hyperspectral Camera

The camera to be used in this satellite mission has been developed by Dragonfly Aerospace, called the Mantis Imager. This will play a key role in the mission as it will be responsible for generating the remote sensing data. The Mantis Imager is software-defined equipment with a unique capability of merging hyperspectral bands with multispectral bands. The images captured by the imager will be used for optimizing decision-making and generating innovative solutions for different applications in the aerospace industry.

This camera can pick any band from the 148 hyperspectral bands and merge it with customizable multispectral bands. It is done to facilitate the working of imaging sessions. The camera first captures the hyperspectral bands with the help of a 32 meters hyperspectral resolution and 16 meters native GSD or ground sample distance.

Dragonfly Aerospace will also develop an X-band data download ground station and provide it for the mission. Dragonfly Aerospace is very proud of its Mantis Imager, which belongs to its range of commercial hyperspectral imagers. It also has recently developed the Chameleon imager, which is being delivered to flight operations. The company has been eager to partner with other aerospace companies specializing in satellite bus production and image processing.

Dragonfly Aerospace Collaborating With Addvalue Technologies

In a bid to expand its reach to global collaborations, Dragonfly Aerospace has entered into an aerospace growth partnership with Addvalue Innovations Pte Ltd. The latter is a subsidiary of the company Addvalue Technologies Ltd, a listed company of the Singapore Exchange Mainboard. Addvalue Technologies is the top company in Singapore’s mobile satellite communication industry.

Both Addvalue technologies and Dragonfly Aerospace are looking forward to expanding their market outreach for which they have signed this MOU. The companies have entered into a joint marketing venture where they will be cross-promoting each other’s products by tapping the client’s networks and local knowledge. The services up for promotion in this MOU include:

  • Earth observation solutions by Dragonfly Aerospace primarily include high-resolution cameras and other imaging payloads, satellites, etc.
  • Inter-Satellite data Relay or IDRS services and terminals of Addvalue Technologies

The major target of this MOU marketing collaboration will be the earth observation industries. Dragonfly Aerospace seeks to improve the aerospace quality standards in terms of data and precision for better environmental and agricultural analysis. The companies seek to derive their benefits from this MOU while working for the primary aim of real-time data delivery and tasking.

Final Thoughts Dragonfly Aerospace

Dragonfly Aerospace has a spotless aerospace work experience combined with its visionary approach towards brightening the South African aerospace industry. The company’s recent partnerships stand testimony to its excellent deliverability that is being trusted by customers worldwide. It is also working closely with the South African government with the space initiatives being taken by the latter.

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