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Best Tools For Remote Teams In 2021

Managing and staying connected with workers and colleagues when working on a remote basis. But thankfully, there are plenty of remote team management tools that can prove extremely helpful in this regard. These tools help shrink the distance virtually and connect remote teams to ensure productivity and allow workers to achieve their professional goals and targets with ease.

The last couple of years can be labeled as the best technology for working remotely period as many latest software and platforms were introduced to facilitate remote working and productivity tracking. If you are also in search of the top 10 remote working tools, you are just the right place since we have compiled the top ten remote working tools and their usage in this article.

Top Ten Best Remote Working Tool:

1. Slack

Slack is one of the best communication tools for remote workers. It not only allows people to have one on one communications, but you can also use it to communicate with the entire team. Companies are free to make different channels for each team and organize collaboration and communication. Another perk of using Slack is the fact that it can easily be integrated with Trello, Google Docs, and other remote management tools. It is one of the preferred remote management tools for tech support jobs.

2. Zoom

One of the biggest challenges associated with the management of remote teams is ensuring communication. This is where zoom comes in. Zoom is an online and virtual meeting platform that can be used to hold conferences, webinars, and online meetings. Other than the high quality of the video calls, some other noticeable features include the ability to record calls, using personal meeting rooms, and hosting meetings with a large number of people at the same time. The free version can be used in case of a limited number of participants, but it does have a 40-minute call limit. But you can always sign up for the paid version to enjoy unlimited participants and call duration.

3. Time Doctor

The list of project management tools for remote teams is incomplete without the mention of time tracking software. Time Doctor is a reliable and renowned time tracking software that is used by a large number of leading companies and organizations. It allows managers to keep track of the time that the employees are spending doing work. Weekly reports are also generated so that the employers can get an estimate of the employee’s productivity and contribution to work. It is very easy to use software that is suitable for all types of teams and companies that work on a remote basis.

4. Google Docs

If you are looking for some free collaboration tools for remote teams, you should surely consider Google Docs. Google Docs is a cloud-based service that allows collaboration in real-time. You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and share them with the team members so everyone can work on the files together. You can also upload files and folders on Google Docs to share them with each other. With a mundane interface and proven efficiency, Google Docs is undoubtedly one of the best online collaboration software that you will come across.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the leading project management software that is specially designed for remote teams. It is a popular platform that is loved by managers, freelancers, and companies to be able to assign tasks and keep track of the progress of the work. It comes with a wide range of features. From communication, idea sharing, organizing work and responsibilities, and even providing and receiving feedback, there are a lot of features that are encompassed in Basecamp, making it a comprehensive project management software for remote workers.

6. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is an ideal choice for people who want a single solution that can help the team members communicate, hold video and audio meetings as well as share files with each other. Despite its extended functionality, this is one of the simplest tools to manage remote employees. You can use it to communicate with team members individually or hold group meetings. Moreover, companies are also free to integrate other tools like Google Drive and Dropbox into Troop Messenger to be able to migrate and share files with different teams and employees, making it a perfect choice for immediate hire work from home jobs.

7. Krisp

We all have faced a situation where we are trying to hold a virtual meeting online, but the external noise is a nuisance and disturbance. Krisp is a tool that is specifically designed to solve this issue. Using Krisp, the participants of a call can cancel noise on both ends of the call. It is compatible with all leading video conferencing platforms like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Hangout Calls. Using Krisp, you can hold meetings anywhere and anytime without having to worry about external noise or interruptions.

8. Kickidler

If you are a manager who is struggling to keep track of your employee’s or team member’s time, try using Kickidler. Kickidler is an employee management software that comes with a number of useful features. This platform can help you keep track of your team member’s employees and keep them on track by boosting their dedication and productivity. This platform not only allows the managers to get insights regarding employee productivity but also notifies the employees about their performance so that they can adjust their work accordingly.

9. World Time Buddy

When companies hire remote employees, they hire team members from all around the globe. Scheduling meetings while handling different time zones can be a painful and intimidating task. But thankfully, World Time Buddy will take care of finding a time slot that works for different time zones. The design of the platform is simple, which makes it easy to use and arrange meetings across the globe at the cost of a couple of clicks.

10. Evernote

Evernote will help you keep your notes organized and managed properly while working home jobs. You can use it on any electronic device to take notes while attending remote meetings. Plus, the notes are synced across all devices so that the notes can be accessed from different devices, and the employees can go back and revisit their notes whenever needed.

11. Hygger

Hygger is one of the most reliable Agile tools for project management needs. It perfectly suits remote teams that want to deliver more value to their customers. The platform provides handy Kanban boards that are enhanced with WIP limits, Swimlanes, and tracking system, high-level shareable roadmaps, smart prioritization frameworks, and many more features. Hygger helps to lead task management within any remote team to a completely new professional level.

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