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Best Tech for a Small Business

As a small business, it’s often challenging as you may not have as many resources as you’d like. Where medium and large sized corporations typically have robust budgets, you’re possibly left managing the little that you have. However, you shouldn’t refute small beginnings as it isn’t about how big you start, but how well you start. There is also often a misconception that as a small business, you may not have access to the kind of tech you need to take your organization to greater heights. Here are a few of the best tech tools for a small business that is relatively affordable.


A small business trend that you should adopt if you haven’t already is the use of chatbots. This is perfect for any business that wants to improve their customer service as it helps you better respond to customer inquiries and needs. Chatbots are based on machine learning and help offer support during shopping. This could help reduce the likelihood of prospective customers abandoning their carts and going to your competitors instead.

Multifunctional Printer

Another good technology for a small business is a multi-functional printer. You want to get value for your money, so getting one that does everything is essential. Some features to look out for are a printer that has a photocopier, scanner, fax machine, and printer. WI-FI is also another added benefit as you can print from anywhere without being physically present. When buying a printer, also think about your ink needs. Premium Compatible Cartridges are available from Cartridge People, who can offer affordable inks that work with a range of printers.

Relevant Software

If you’re looking to automate your processes as a small business, then helpful software is your best bet. There are so many different types out there that can help take daily repetitive tasks out of the hands of staff and improve productivity. The reality is that mundane tasks distract employees from focusing on their areas of competence. You want them to be challenging themselves daily, thinking critically and growing as this process can help them perform better.

  • Canva: If you plan on being active on social media but don’t want the cost of paying someone to come up with your templates and designs, why not use Canva instead? One benefit of using Canva is that it is easy to use. This is great for someone who doesn’t have vast graphic design knowledge, as there are tons of images and fonts to choose from, and you can create different types of content.
  • Zoho Books: Accounting software could mean the difference between a business failing and succeeding. By using one like Zoho Books, you can issue invoices, manage expenses, and track inventory.
  • Slack: Communication is another important aspect of running a small business. Using tools such as slack should help you keep all communications synced by helping you arrange multiple conversations with numerous people.

Technology is something that can intimidate small businesses, especially when they can’t afford it or don’t understand it. However, it can do tremendous work in terms of helping a small business work more efficiently and creating exponential growth. For this reason alone, every business should take time out to learn about technology and how it can be used to transform their business.

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