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12 Essential Gadgets for Your Biking Vacation

Are planning a biking vacation?

Biking vacations can be tough, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. Seasoned bikers often use bikes that are bought as per their strict specifications to make the journey smooth. For example, they use the bike frame size chart to measure themselves up to get the best bike for their body or tune it to make themselves comfortable. It is necessary for you to be well prepared, therefore, before leaving for your trip, make sure you have the proper gadgets and gear that can help keep you safe on the road. Most important, you must stay visible on the road in all kinds of weather so that passing motorists can easily spot you. In addition, you should be prepared in case of emergencies.

Gadgets for Staying Connected or Emergencies

  • Cell Phone

When traveling in remote locations, carrying an expensive cell phone may not be advisable in case you drop and damage it or lose it. At the same time, you’ll want to remain connected with loved ones back home. Or, call for help if needed. Consider investing in cheap refurbished phones that are unlocked. You can always use the handsets with your existing number or get a new connection for the duration of your tour.

  • Solar Charger for Your Phone

Carry solar charges that can help keep your phone and other gadgets functioning even if you haven’t been able to access a power source while on your biking vacation. Some of these chargers are extremely lightweight, compact, and very effective. You can also find particular products that are capable of charging with a USB cable to match your convenience.

  • Bicycle Chargers

Yet another smart option for charging your gadgets is to use the kinetic energy you generate with the cycling motion and save it in a battery pack that contains lithium batteries. This bicycle charger can be attached to the rear wheel of your bicycle and charges your phone by way of a USB cable when you set up camp for the night.

Gadgets for Staying Visible in the Dark or Fog

  • Bike Helmets

The latest bike helmets available today have integrated white lights in the front and red lights at the back. They are connected to the brakes of the bike and display a solid red light when you brake. In addition, the helmet is linked to the handlebars by way of a wireless connector and sends a signal to motorists and other vehicle drivers when you’re about to turn left or right. You can use a USB cable to charge the helmets.

  • LED Lights on the Wheel Spokes

Attached to the wheels of your bike, these LED wheel lights are power-saving and only light up when you align them to the front or back of the bike wheels. These lights will keep you visible on the road during your biking vacation.

  • Turn Signal Gloves

Turn signal gloves carry turn signals attached to the back of the hands. You can activate them with the help of metal contacts on the thumbs and sides of the palms. When riding in the dark or in the fog, you can light them up to indicate directions to drivers coming up behind you.

  • See.Sense Indicator

The See.Sense indicator packs a bunch of safety features for your biking vacation into one smart gadget. For instance, it can sense when you’re traveling on roundabouts and road crossings. In case you should drive in a shady area or tunnel, it flashes faster and more brightly to warn other vehicle drivers on the road. At night, it can sense the headlights of vehicles approaching from behind you can signal your presence to them. You can integrate this gadget with your smartphone and change the settings as you want. You can also set it up with an alarm that goes off if you’re not riding the bike and it is moved.

  • Bike SmartLock

This gadget is a smartlock by itself. Not only does it set off a loud 100 decibels alarm if someone should try to move the bike. In case, the bike gets stolen, you can track the location with the help of the geolocator. This feature is also useful when you need to distinguish your property from a bunch of similar-looking bikes parked together. You can link the smartlock to your cellphone and use the app to unlock your bike when you need to ride off.

  • Crash Sensor

The crash sensor is a small gadget in the shape of a disc that you can attach to your helmet. In case you suffer a crash on your biking vacation, it sends an instant automated message to a selected list of recipients. Though, you may need to be exceptional careful that you don’t accidently drop it.

  • Rearview Bike Sensor

Attach this sensor to the back of your bike and it can scan the road behind for oncoming traffic for a distance of 140 meters. It transfers the information to a display mounted on your handlebars. By checking the display, you can know about traffic and the speed with which it is approaching you from behind.

Gadgets for Entertainment and Cycling Assistance

  • Music Players

Wearing headphones and listening to music on the road can prove to be very dangerous when you can’t hear the traffic on the road. If you’re looking for entertainment on the road when on your biking vacation, you can attach a music player to the handlebars of your bike. Resistant to mud and water, you can connect it via Bluetooth to your music player.

  • SmartPedals

If you’re looking to track miles, inclines, and speeds at which you taxed your stamina, you could attach these smart gadgets to your pedals. They activate the minute you start to rotate the pedals. In addition to GPS tracking, the sensors on these gadgets can get charged with the kinetic energy the rotating movement generates.

Using these neat gadgets, you can stay safe and enjoy every moment of your biking vacation. The best positive about these devices is that you can use them even when bicycling around your hometown when commuting to work or running errands at stores close to home. Or, as a fitness enthusiast, if you enjoy cycling to keep those abs and legs tones, make sure you have these smart gadgets with you.

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