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How to Browse Safely Using VPN?

Staying safe online is the most basic concern of every netizen these days. And the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is in vogue solution to ensure your data is safe online.

A good VPN makes it harder to steal your data. So, using the VPN is recommended when you want your data to be confidential, especially in firms, organizations where the financial picture comes in to play.

So, before you head first there are few ground rules you need to know to browse safely using VPN.

Realize your priorities

Firstly, you need to begin with realizing what you want most out of a VPN, because this will be the deciding factor which features the most value. If you want it for a privacy to stop service providers from knowing your browsing habits then you will require reading up the company’s policies before you use one and if you just want to hide your data from the people on local network then you can for the broader ranges.

Figure out between paid and free

There are a lot of VPN providers available categorized into paid and free VPNs. Some VPNs charge monthly fee, a special offer or a free tier service. Make sure to read the features break down before you decide on the paid VPNs. Many paid VPNs also offer a trial period for their users to make them realize how helpful they prove to be them. The free VPNs may sound too good to be true in not all but few cases, but some prove to be really useful when considered the services.

Count on the reviews

The reviews, Ratings and comments by the previous customer’s experiences will let you button on the right VPN provider for you to browse safely. So, go through the reviews and the customer’s experiences with the VPN provider you found the best for you before trying it.

Check for logging

If you are using the VPN to stop the third party from building the data on the browsing history then also make sure that your browser is not doing the same thing too. Try using the search engines to find out what others say about the VPN’s logging policy of the VPN provider you want to use.

Consider the location

Consider the location you are using VPN in. The privacy advocates may ask the firm to handover the customer data as a part of the investigation. So, it is important to keep in mind the fact of considering the location, when you are looking at VPN because of the snooping concerns.


Like other wide range of softwares or applications have the compatibility limits, so does the VPN. Before you set up the VPN on the device ensure that the VPN you chose is compatible with your device. Some VPN providers offers apps for the Android and iPhone where the setting up process of VPN becomes easy. And if the main motive of you using VPN is mobile browsing then this could be the best route to choose.

Check for the Criteria match

Like already discussed above about the concerns of yours, for which you need the VPN, it is important to know if the VPN you chose matches the criteria of your concern. Find out a VPN comparison chart that will make it easy for you to look up for your chosen provider.

Ensure the Security

Just because you are on VPN that doesn’t mean you are completely on the safe end. Some of the VPN use the outdated security or insecure encryption.

Though you are using a VPN you are ought to follow the same basic rules you would do without using VPN service. It can come to your rescue only when you need the things to be confidential for the safety of an organization, business, or your data on a local network.

Word to the Wise

A VPN will not stop you from providing the credit card details to an email scam or not prevents you from falling prey to online frauds. So, on the whole though you may consider yourself to be at the safe end, follow the basic rules you are ought to.

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