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Published on May 14th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


A few essential, actionable hacks for SEO novices

SEO is a dynamic domain! The field gets marked by constant changes that impact it. From time to time, there’s a revamping of algorithms. And that makes it challenging for the newcomers to pin down what works and what doesn’t in SEO.

If a company doesn’t get their SEO correct, they will lose out on online visibility and won’t draw in the potential users that are essential for survival. However, with the proper guidance, experience, and ample practice, the novices can learn to use SEO like an expert or a professional. To seek professional help, you can check out

The landscape of SEO is ever-changing! Here are a few actional hacks from experts that the SEO newcomers can use.


1. It’s essential to play for the long game

It means everything that you do should be helpful for the audience. There should be no shortcuts or tricks. The search engines adapt and innovate based on all that’s ideal for searchers. If all you are doing is ultimately good for the target audience, you are in good shape. It is essential to stay on top of complex things by constantly learning. You need to develop new skills and stay tuned to the best SEO news.

2. Know and understand the new trends

One aspect that is useful about brands like Google is that they often update and issue notes every six months ahead of time. Companies should have a look at these release notes and understand the plans they should keep in mind. It will help them to make the best adjustments for their strategy. In addition, when you plan, you have ample available resources to use in the change process.

3. Don’t search for magic bullets

It gets challenging when you are trying to search for a magic bullet or crack a code. Instead, the business owners should concentrate on generating content that their target audience is searching for. It’s essential to stop searching for shortcuts. Instead, it is necessary to commit to what your audience seeks and provide the same expertise and authenticity.

4. Harp on user experience

The marketers aren’t aware of the details of search engine algorithms. However, one can assume that search engines might enhance credibility by showcasing the relevant outcomes. If we understand this basic principle, it will enable us to align developers, designers, and copywriters to work together and improve the user experience by coming up with well-structured websites that focus on user experience.

5. Avert duplicate content

It’s essential to know the rule – you shouldn’t copy someone else’s work! Some businesses copy their work. That is not a good practice either. Any duplicate content with hurt SEO initiatives. So, if you love the way you curated a blog two years back, don’t go ahead and copy, paste the same, and share it in a guest post. It would help if you didn’t steal from what is already in use. It is necessary to create and invent something new.

Google today considers more than 200 ranking factors for their search outcomes, which gets fined tuned by user’s data and AI. However, what didn’t change in the last 20 years is the relevance of inbound links, which is considered a vital mark for a webpage’s credibility. Therefore, you need to invest quality time to earn high-end links for your technical and on-page SEO.

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