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The World as Seen by Strangers: Meet Fling

With the huge number of messaging apps available nowadays, it can be hard to choose the one you will use. Youngsters are especially keen to try new services, one that offer them different functionalities that what they are used to.

And this is exactly why a new service seems to be taking the market by storm. Fling is an apparently normal messaging app, possibly even considered to be a social platform, but with a key difference: the messages sent through it are, at least initially, sent to 50 random people that can be located anywhere in the world. This is something completely extraordinary, not often seen in other common services.

Fling supports three kinds of messages – photos, texts or ten second videos. All of them are initially sent to 50 random users located across the globe (this number can be decreased in the app settings, up until 5 users) who, if they like what they got, will reply and can initiate a direct conversation.

This app has been under the spotlight for a while, especially after its initial removal from Apple’s App Store (not banned). However, this was the perfect opportunity for the team behind Fling to rebuild, almost from scratch, this app. Eventually, after some days of hard work, they managed to launch the new version of the service, this time meeting Apple’s guidelines for apps.

With this method of message spreading, any content can be spread through various locations around the globe with ease, making every John Doe a potential star in the blink of an eye.

Fling can be used for free and is available for iOS and Android. All the aforementioned aspects make this UK-based app something quite distinct and unique, in a market niche that is getting full and saturated, and that is probably the main reason as to why youngsters are becoming fans of Fling.

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