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Top 20 Sites To Learn More About The Internet of Things

Long before the rise of social networking today and the Internet, did you know that there was Internet of Things (IoT) first? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated devices, objects, digital, and mechanical machines or people that can transfer and collect data without the need for any interaction (human to human or human to computer). From a consumer’s perspective, IoT can be associated with smart home devices or appliances that are controllable via smartphones or smart speaker devices.

The Internet of Things is changing every aspect of human lives, homes, offices, businesses, and the world. As IoT begins to emerge in different industries, there is also a need for useful and reliable resources to keep everyone well-informed and connected.

Here are the top 20 websites and blogs to help you learn more about the Internet of Things.


Website Link: postscapes.com

Postscapes has been tracking the Internet of Things since 2010. It has become a reputable and leading website for early adopters and thought leaders in the IoT space. Their mission is to combine and connect the ideas, people, and companies creating the Internet of Things. As of now, Postscapes is developing billions of sensors and actuators to surround our planet. These networked devices can be found in various industrial systems, consumer products, and the environment.

This website provides news, guides, and tools to help you better understand the current state and landscape of IoT. It also frames and filters the latest connected products and Internet of Things news, products and technology trends.

The frequency of posts is about one post per month.

IBM IoT Blog

Website Link: ibm.com/blogs/internet-of-things

The IBM Internet of Things Blog is packed with rich information and the latest Internet of Things news and blogs from a multinational technology company and IoT leaders in IBM. One can browse its wide range of content through various themes such as travel, environment, health & medicine, etc. Or different types such as reviews, top 10’s, interviews, infographics, and more.

It also includes information on security, cognitive computing, automotive, connected buildings, and Watson IoT.

The frequency of posts is about two posts per week.

TechTarget’s IoT Agenda

Website Link: internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com

This blog covers all aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and strategies relating to enterprise IT. It also includes enhancing technologies that enable internal business processes, and the resulting IoT products themselves which are the things the businesses produce.

Leading industry experts and award-winning editors prepare businesses and help them tackle an abundance of other IoT-related challenges. These include embedding sensors to improve products, looking to deploy field monitors, managing supply chains and inventories, and distributing intelligence to improve work environments and production floors.

IoT Agenda provides enterprise businesses with recent news and blogs about the Internet of Things (IoT). It also covers technologies, deployment strategies, security, platforms, and IoT industry and vertical markets.

The frequency of posts is about three posts per week.

Connected World Blog

Website Link: connectedworld.com

The Connected World Blog is all about the Internet of Things. It serves as the adviser to business leaders who are making decisions about technology, innovation, connectivity, and collaboration. Through their blog and magazine, the Connected World reports on next-generation Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or IoT. It also helps readers stay on top of innovative connectivity and offers up insights into technology trends. This blog is the go-to-source for connected devices.

The frequency of posts is about three posts per week.

Link Labs Blog

Website Link: link-labs.com/blog

Link Labs Blog is a useful and informative resource for the Industrial IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M). They provide information about LPWAN, M2M, long-range wireless, and more. This blog innovates in low-powered, wide-area network technologies powering the Internet of Things.

Link Labs provide a secure connection for IoT devices through a patented Symphony Link technology. It powers a wide variety of IoT applications across many industries. This includes agriculture, government, defense, healthcare, retail, automotive, utilities, building controls, and smart cities.

Aside from all of this, they excel in conceptualizing initial hardware design through the delivery of a commercial product. Link Labs have done this for many enterprises around the world.

The frequency of posts is about 1 post per month.

Exosite Blog

Website Link: exosite.com/blog

The Exosite Blog is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform that makes building connected businesses, solutions, and products easier. In 2016, it is chosen as one of the market’s most significant IoT platform providers by Forrester.

Their blog allows the world’s top manufacturers in commercial, industrial, and consumer markets to build and deploy the IoT generation of their business quickly. The Exosite blog is a valuable resource for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The frequency of posts is about 1 post per month.

The Hackster Blog

Website Link: hackster.io/news

Hackster.io is an online community helping people everywhere learn to design, program, and create Internet-connected hardware. They “put people and learning ahead of commercial interests.” The Hackster Blog brings together a network of almost 100 Hackster Live ambassadors, 200,000 engineers, makers and hackers, and 90 technology partners.

Their community will soon have surpassed 100,000 makers, developers, and entrepreneurs who build projects as a means for discovery and learning. Hackster supports the creation of technologies that impact significant issues, such as our own welfare, healthy environment, and wildlife preservation.

The frequency of posts is about 42 posts per week.

IoT Now Blog

Website Link: iot-now.com/blogs

The IoT Now is the first global media brand of its kind. It is a leading online magazine and news source that covers machine-to-machine communications in a whole host of industry verticals. It is named by Onalytica as a Top 20 IoT Influencer brand.

This site explores the challenges and evolving opportunities faced by communications service providers (CSPs) and industries using M2M, as well as enterprises adopting and deploying IoT. The IoT Now focuses on daily news, white papers, product reviews and a bi-monthly magazine about the Internet of Things.

The frequency of posts is about four posts per week.

IoT Council

Website Link: theinternetofthings.eu

The IoT Council is an Internet of Things think tank. It brings news and information about IoT. The IoT Council offers strategic IoT advice on ecosystem configuration and the recent technical building blocks. They try to put this digital transition into a circular and social-economic context.

The frequency of posts is about 24 posts per week.


Website Link: pymnts.com/iot

The Internet of Things Tracker is from a Business-to-Business (B2B) platform PYMNTS.com. It showcases the top 80 companies that lead the way in all aspects of the Internet of Things. They have a Monthly Tracker that is available for download as a PDF document. One can take a look at what the companies are doing across the ecosystem and in six categories which are: Devices, Payments, Infrastructure, Security, Data, and Software.

IoT Tech News

Website Link: iottechnews.com

The Internet of Things (IoT) Tech News provides practical resources such as news, opinion, and analysis of the burgeoning IoT ecosystem. This involves smart cities, security, standardization, business use cases, IoT roll-outs, connected homes for technology and business executives, and development opportunities. They take the best research and put their own spin on it.

IoT Tech News reports from the frontline of the industry and features contributions from companies at the heart of this revolution. They are also the perfect partner for integrated advertising campaigns.

The frequency of posts is about six posts per week.

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog

Website Link: blog.bosch-si.com

Bosch Software Innovations hosts the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog. It spearheads the Bosch Group in providing software for the Internet of Things. For more than ten years, they have been active in the Internet of Things. Their team consists of IoT consultants, solution architects, UX designers, software developers, business model innovators, project managers, and trainers. These people work to bring your IoT ideas from strategy to implementation.

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog has the organizational know-how, and domain-specific software to support digitally-transforming companies. Their bloggers are also passionate customers, guests, analysts, partners, and associates from the world of Bosch who share the same vision: making the Internet of Things (IoT) come true. This blog features what’s hot in IoT, from smart cities to connected cars to Industry 4.0, and all issues of the digital transformation.

The frequency of posts is about three posts per month.


Website Link: readwrite.com

ReadWrite is a leading media platform dedicated to IoT and Connected World. They aim to build the next generation of tech media companies by focusing on providing the latest information, analysis, and conversion related to technology. Readers of specific interests such as smart homes, connected cars, AR/VR, fintech and APIs can read the relevant news and featured articles about these subjects.

In turn, this favors the productivity of readers instead of views and time on their site. ReadWrite provides a new and efficient type of content that aggregates professional communities.

The frequency of posts is about 15 posts per week.

IoT For All

Website Link: iotforall.com

IoT For All is a leading technology media property. It is centered on resources and news on the Internet of Things and related disciplines. This also includes intro courses, questions and answers, simple explanations, and tutorials. IoT For All dedicates itself to providing the highest quality and unbiased content.

The frequency of posts is about 42 posts per week.

Internet of Business

Website Link: internetofbusiness.com

Internet of Business (IoB) is an IoT for business. It covers how the Internet of Things, as well as robots, AI, analytics, sensors, machine learning, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and other technologies, transform connected business. It enables new business opportunities by connecting your digital platforms with all your business platforms.

This makes every organization of every size more productive, profitable, and efficient. The readership of the Internet of Business spans across the globe with over a million page views a year. It has larger user bases in the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe.

The frequency of posts is about four posts per month.

IoT Analytics

Website Link: iot-analytics.com

IoT analytics is a leading market research and industry analyst firm for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides insights about the market of Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine, and Industry 4.0. Their products and services portfolio includes reports and databases on specific IoT topics, research, and consulting services.

IoT Analytics counts more than 30,000 followers, more than 50,000 monthly website visitors, and 500+ corporate customers to date. Bringing the best and latest insights into the market of the IoT ecosystem is their aim. Through this, people can understand IoT markets even better.

The frequency of posts is about one post per month.

IoT Central

Website Link: iotcentral.io/blog

IoT Central is an industrial IoT community that connects individuals, businesses, and organizations who are focused on services, products, and opportunities in the era of the Internet of Things. It provides online resources, platforms, apps and tools, data, security, and case studies, as well as custom market IoT market research.

It specifically serves those who are interested in the business or industrial IoT. This website also covers IoT Data, IoT Application Development, IoT Infrastructure, and IoT Security.

The frequency of posts is about two posts per week.

IoT Business News

Website Link: iotbusinessnews.com

IoT Business News is a leading online news source for all Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine professionals across the world. It focuses on the business side of the IoT and M2M markets. Over the years, it has become a reference for all IoT and M2M business professionals across the world.

IoT Business News publishes relevant, reliable, and fresh content every day. Their editorial team is committed to publishing good quality business news and articles on IoT-related topics.

The frequency of posts is about nine posts per week.

IoT Dunia

Website Link: iotdunia.com

IoTDunia is a website containing the latest news and applications and everything one needs to learn about the Internet of Things. It mainly helps the youth succeed with IoT by providing all kinds of information about new things happening as well as free services. Their mission focuses on educating and bringing awareness to students and the tech community about the IoT ecosystem.

The frequency of posts is about two posts per week.


Website Link: sureuniversal.com/blog

The SURE platform is developed by the SURE Universal Ltd. It is a complete solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as smart appliances and digital media. The SURE IoT Blog features various news and interesting blog posts about home automation, the Internet of Things, and smart home trends.

The frequency of posts is about one post per month.

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