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There’s an App to identify Why Your Newborn Is Crying?

Imagine yourself in a situation, its 3 a.m., you’re a jumpy new parent and your newborn is crying screamingly with his tiny lungs, you have tired with the mythic algorithms and you are unable to figure out what makes him cry so that you can fix it. Now, you doesn’t require to follow your intrinsic, you just have to whip out your smart phone, and launch the Baby Cries Translator. It is an amazing app designed to help parents to identify why their baby is crying. It decodes various infant cries on nerve rattling forms like the cry for hunger or the pooped cry.


The app was created by Chuan-yu Chang, a professor at Taiwan’s National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, he has thoroughly researched the baffling shrieks and whimpers of newborns and develop this useful app for nervous new parents. For the development of this app he has researched on100 newborns, and record around 200,000 cries over the period of 2 years. He uploaded all the wee yelps and hollers in the database, then he analyze their screams to analyze the variances in acoustics. Chang assert that this app provide 92 percent accuracy in results among the youngers and weeks old infants. The app’s database has been regularly updated in the Cloud Drive. It has machine learning algorithm which allows parents to set up any personal setting for their newborn.


For using this baby cries translator, you have to just enter some details, like date of birth or nationality, then push the record button to capture the clip of 10 seconds of the baby, then this sound will be match in data base and in seconds you will have the reason why he is crying. The app was initially launched last year, but updated recently. This app is available for $2.99 for iOS in the Apple App Store, and the cost of $2.74 for Android in the Google Play store. There is no app available in this world which can be comparable with the love and affection of parents, but the mobile app development companies are working hard to provide ease and joy in the every field of life.

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