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How to Develop an App like tinder? [Step-by-Step Guide]

We can’t deny the growth of the dating niche over the past decade. The modern technologies had changed the lifestyle of the man without leaving any sector the man-machine relations growing strong day-by-day. By the way, the growth of modern technologies has caused notable impact over interpersonal relationships too.

These days’ people prefer techs for finding their lovable person online. Particularly, after the arrival of the Online based dating app Tinder in 2012. Though you can have several online dating apps functioning similar to Tinder, still it maintains the number one dating app position among the people around the globe.

Here in this article, we have briefed the complete analysis of the world’s leading online dating app Tinder and elaborate on how to develop an app like tinder along with the development cost.

Why Do People Prefer Dating Apps like Tinder?

You need to be aware of it before stepping into the process of developing an App like Tinder in the dating niche.

  • Dating applications acts as a tool for finding a romantic partner
  • People prefer dating application to have fun and to be entertained
  • People who like to have casual sex with a likeminded person prefers dating applications
  • Dating applications also boosts self-esteem among the users

Statistics of Current Dating App Market

The revolution of modern technologies among humans has made dating and online dating not a taboo topic anymore. Take a look over the current statistics of the online dating market.

  • As per the recent study, more than 27% of the committed relationships around the world started on a dating app or dating website from online.
  • Experts have predicted that around 40% million people from around the globe including married men and women are using online dating tools (App or Website) to find their right life partner.
  • The increasing demand over the online-based dating application and website keep raising the annual revenue of the dating application to over $2 billion. Thanks to the simplicity and easiness of accessing dating applications.
  • Tinder is considered as the world’s leading dating application with a whopping amount of users more than 50 million across the globe. Meanwhile, study reports points that 60% of the tinder’s registered users are from the U.S.
  • As per the current data, the total worth of the tinder dating application crosses more than 1.6 billion which is far more than all other dating applications.

There is no doubt about the growth of the dating niche and it is never going to fall in soon. So, if you are planning to start a career choice as an mobile app developer then it’s the right time to start an app in the dating niche. Especially creating an app like tinder would be easy to gain the attraction of the target audience around the globe.

Main Features of Tinder Dating App

If you are serious about developing an app like a tinder dating app, then you should consider these main features of tinder to attract more target audience and to provide service similar to the tinder.

  • Option To Login Via Social Networks
  • Geo-location Based Searches
  • Swipe Surge
  • Custom Profile Setting
  • Push Notification
  • Private Chat
  • Security
  • Mutual Matching Concept

Creating a Dating App like Tinder: A Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Study of the Tinder App Algorithm

The first and initial step is to choose the perfect dating niche and to study the Matching Algorithm used by Tinder. Unlike other dating apps, the tinder app algorithm compares the new user’s profiles and compares them with the existing profiles in the database. Based on the comparison, it provides the best match to the users.

Step 2: Choose a Perfect Business Model For Earning

Choosing a perfect business model will yield you more income. Just like the tinder app, almost all dating apps prefer multiple business models for their earnings. Take a look over the top business models for earning through the dating app.

  • Charging money for boosting user’s profile
  • Restriction on accessing or viewing user’s photos
  • Separating free and paid accounts in terms of receiving likes
  • Provides various in-app purchasing facility with charges
  • Placing relevant ads based on customer behaviour

Step 3: Use Technology Stack Just like Tinder App

Follow the tinder app technology stack for your dating app too; also make sure that your dating app has scaling provision in terms of adding advanced technologies. Take a look over the important technology stack used by tinder apps.

  • For the iOS Platform: Objective-C, Swift
  • For Android Platform: Java, Kotlin
  • For Backend / API Operation: Scala, SQS, Kinesis, Kafka, Spark, Kubernetes, Rundeck and EMR, Node.js
  • For Database Handling: Mongo, Dynamo, Redis
  • For Product & Design Module: Adobe Typekit, Blossom, Google Fonts, Sketch

Step 4: App Development Team 

Choosing a perfect development team will play a huge impact on your app development. Though Tinder app development costs higher when compared with other apps, there are few parameters just like considering the region where developers charge low rates, by doing so you can reduce the app development cost.

Step 5: Testing and Launching

Finally, in the testing and launching stage make sure your app meets all your project requirements and matches your business prototype. With this, you are able to achieve your business goal at ease.

Cost For Developing A Dating App Like Tinder

The involvement of the complex functions makes tinder app development cost higher than an ordinary dating app. As per the experts, the tinder app development cost might be around $50k to $55k if you prefer to hire a developer team from the Europe region. However, the tinder app development cost may go higher if you choose a developing team from the U.S, and it costs low if you prefer a developer’s team from South Asian countries.

Bottom Line

Before getting started to develop an app like tinder, make sure about your budget level and hire developers accordingly. At the same time, be precise on choosing what set of features you need for your app, so that you can reduce the app development cost significantly when compared with tinder app development cost.

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