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Things missed by people after switching from Windows Phone to Android

Switching from one OS to another is kind of very day to day thing with the invent of so many devices, from Windows to Android or Android to Windows but somehow it’s not good always for the users, as some prefer the customization and some want a work oriented smartphone.


Certainly there are many things people miss when they switch from one OS to another be it iOS, Windows or even Android as we tend to get used to it and suddenly getting over another is a bit difficult. And there is always a tug of war between Windows and Android and for users who turn from Windows to Android have many things missing like for instance

  • Snap view is missed, which is the most attractive and colorful feature Windows provide with, it allows multiple apps to run and display where the tiles keep on rotating and changing, they can even be adjusted in size and one can change the colour of the tiles daily. Android somehow doesn’t provide with these features and all a user can get is a plain screen which can then be changed by a picture or a wallpaper, although one can have many tiles on one screen but the feel which Windows phone give can’t be seen on Android phones.
  • Quick Updates; Windows mobile phones provide with quick updates, rather updates are pushed to the device and it is easily visible on the main screen in the marketplace tab; whereas in Android mobile phones the updates are not smooth neither accurate.
  • Increment in mobile experience; for Windows mobile phones the UX keeps on changing in comparison to the UX of Android which is roughly the same always. Although there are always few improvements but for Windows with the upgradation there is something or the other new in the devices. If we see the new Windows 8.1 then certainly there are so many new factors, the live tiles can be adjusted with size, the availability of color scheme has increased whereas for Android everything is same with little bit changes here and there.
  • Sharing: In Windows oriented smartphone sharing of information from one app to another is implemented more consistently in comparison to Android mobile phones, like for example users using Windows 8.1 on their smartphones they can take ink notes in Windows journal to their tablets and can easily share to ever note cloud, saving the information on the web to read later in the reading list.
  • Having a dedicated camera button is a feature that too many manufacturers overlook. Some Android phones still come with a hardware camera button, but the vast majority do not. Microsoft requires manufacturers to include camera buttons (at least they used to). Having a two-stage camera button on your smartphone is incredibly handy.

Not only is it great for focusing and snapping pictures, but it also allows the camera to be launched while the phone is locked. Most Android lock screens have a shortcut to the camera, but it’s not as quick as mashing down on a hardware button from your pocket. A physical camera button is also very useful for situations when I needed other people to take a photo with my phone. Every phone has a different camera UI, but all I had to say was “use this button like a regular camera.”

Windows OS is not made for everyone but is certainly coming nicely, it is evolving pretty nicely among the users, there are many big reasons as discussed above that what all people will miss if they switch to Android operating system from Windows operating system. Windows can be seen as a better operating system because it offers many new features with every update in comparison to Android operated mobile phones, but those who prefer a pure mobile UX will not miss much of Windows.

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Apoorva is a tech lover person working in Zopper as Online Marketing Analyst. He is a computer science graduate and fond of blogging. He loves to be updated with latest mobile technology and write about them. Currently he is using Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and he loves it.

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