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20 scheduling Solutions that are Similar to Calendly

There is no easier way to say this, but similar to Calendly, there are many other scheduling solutions available in today’s world. 

In this article, we will be discussing twenty scheduling solutions that are similar to Calendly and can be used alternatively.

1.  Sprintful

Just like Calendly, Sprintful is a scheduling platform for all your meeting needs whether for personal or business purposes. It allows you to make one-on-one meetings, have conference calls on video, personalized themes, and customizable forms for your convenience.

2.  Doodle

Doodle allows free polls for schedules to multiple users. It also gives clear and precise snapshots for available and unavailable times. It enables the synchronization of calendars with consolidated calendar providers. What’s more, if you want to book a one-off schedule, you don’t require an account to do that.

3.  Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling offers tremendous and cheap plans that aren’t expensive for single users and also business users. Plus, you can mix with different calendar software such as Quickbooks, Zoom, Mailchimp, and so on. You can even check in to dental as well as medical offices to intake forms. 


With, you can easily make events in your native calendar and have all of them synchronized with has a mobile app as well to make scheduling more accessible and also offers team calendars.

5.  Appointly

Appointly offers an easy function in terms of designing. You can mix it with Google, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and iCloud, respectively. Moreover, you can personalize calendars with automatic scheduling and forwarding. It is worth noting that Appointly also offers auto-adjustment with regards to the user’s time zone location.


What’s excellent about is that it allows you to enhance the user experience by customizing it. Business firms and entities can easily make custom-made domains. Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Salesforce can be integrated with many other forms of integrations. Wherever your team may be, the Google Chrome extension makes it very easy to access key features. Automatic email functionality helps create a more accessible approach to interact and stay close with your customers and prospects.

7. maintains and keeps everything organized by personal and professional synchronization of calendars. Stripe, PayPal and Square and used by to get payments and deposits. Virtual meetings and classes can be organized with integrations to Zoom and various other video platforms. You won’t miss an appointment using as it allows you to create automatic alerts and reminders and, in turn, notifies you.

8., you can incorporate with Facebook Messenger, Google Business, Google Meet, Instagram, WordPress, and other social media networks. You can even make your portal of clients to create an excellent customer experience. The intonation of notifying and emailing can be utilized according to your business needs.

9.  Picktime

Picktime is a similar tool to Calendly and, just like Calendly, focuses on an easy appointment and book scheduling experience irrespective of the zone times you and your prospects or clients are on. Again, like Calendly, Picktime offers high-grade free plans, but if your business requirements are extensive, you can upgrade whenever you want.

10.  YouCanBook.Me

YouCanBook.Me and Calendly both offer various forms of famous integrations and features. Android and iOS support them, and both are quite easy to practical use.

11.  Clockwise

Clockwise is similar to Calendly. For instance, Calendly finds and manages the calendar of your teams when all of you can meet conveniently. Clockwise has the same feature. Although the process is not the same as each other, both are excellent sources for streamlining schedules with team members. 

12.  TidyCal

TidyCal is quite affordable and simple and one of the best solutions to get both free and paid bookings, meetings, appointments for clients, prospects, customers, entrepreneurs, and more.

13.  CalendarHero

With CalendarHero’s AI-Powered meeting scheduler, it stands out from many of its other competitor tools. Synchronization is made easier with calendars and meetings, which are met with your availability. The tool also sends notifications to invitees for you to relax and continue with your day.

It generally understands and learns your pattern of meeting and relationships with our contacts and eliminates the stress of scheduling back and forth emailing.

14.  Boss Like A Boss

It’s alright if you don’t have a fully-fledged website for your business. You can have just a powerful page for booking appointments and schedules that also enables you to make amendments and adjustments to operations.

Boss like a Boss comes with a booking page that you can customize according to your needs, along with unlimited bookings and a listing of products and services.

15.  Sidekick Ai

You won’t have to take up tasks that are too long to get completed when you use Sidekick Ai. Instead, you can simply forward the email to Sidekick when a customer or prospect contacts or engages with you. Sidekick Ai sends emails to your prospects along with a note of available times automatically. It also notifies you and sets it up in your calendar once you pick a time slot.

16.  Drift

Drift is another online appointment scheduler that uses routing to ensure each customer schedules a meeting with the right person that works in your team. A hyper-personalized text can also be engaged to welcome users once they enter into your website. One of its pros also includes personalized profile pages.

17.  Harmonizely

Harmonizely is easy to use and also has various forms of calendars that it supports. Professionals best use it for the synchronization of each and every appointment through multiple calendars.

18.  MeetingBird

MeetingBird is a Google Chrome extension tool and allows you to insert your time slots as click buttons inside the email. Here, the procedure is very simple, meaning with one click the appointment that was scheduled gets into your calendar, and you get an email reminder as well. It is also completely free.

19.  Chili Piper

With Chili Piper you can easily schedule meetings through your inbox and create leads automatically in the CRM software incorporating quickly with HubSpot and Salesforce. There are free and paid plans available for Chili Piper.

20.  10to8

10to8 is a great tool if you’re looking for free scheduling of appointments for your small business. If you’re a small business that requires free appointments and is trying to save money, then this basic appointment scheduling software platform is the best fit for your small business needs.


There are dozens of Calendly Alternative which may be just the right fit for your business needs and may cater to your appointment scheduling needs better. Calendly is by far one of the best-known names in the business industry today. But it varies from person to person or from business to business to figure out what tool they require for their everyday use. So you can go through this list and pick one and try it for yourself. The choice is yours!

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