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Game-Changing App Allows Air Ambulance Services to View Patients

Since the world is pushing limits to go digital, the healthcare industry is straight up cutting to the chase. The revolutionary breakthroughs now and then are proving the difference it is making in people’s lives.

For instance, if you stumble upon Google, you will find a plethora of apps specially catering to patients, and medical professionals need.

From keeping track of your daily health, enlightening you with new advancements to being a 24*7 on-call attendee, the apps are rigorously improving patients’ lives.

While these apps do not replace a routine trip to the Doctor, they just make your life a little easier. Adding to the list of such great medical apps is GoodSAM appa game-changing app for emergency situations!

GoodSAM App: Extending Boundaries for Excellent Patient Care

The introduction of air ambulance companies proved to be a remarkable advancement in the healthcare industry. It allowed medical professionals to reach patients pronto and take them to a medical facility as fast as possible.

After their introduction, a potential decrease in death due to lack of prompt medical attention was recorded. According to London’s Air Ambulance statistics, approximately 1,797 critically injured patients were treated and brought back to life.

Adding to the charm, a game-changing app is launched by the Good Samaritans to amplify the services of air ambulances.

The GoodSAM app is specifically designed with advanced features to help people trapped in tragic situations. It proves to be helpful in situations like road accidents, or where a proper care facility is out-of-reach. The two main features of this app are Call Responders and Instant-on-scene that makes it a stand out in medical emergencies.

1. Call Responders

GoodSAM has a feature called “call responders.” As per this feature, the closest medical experts will reach the emergency site and assist the patient.

Many off-duty nurses, doctors, paramedics, etc., are a part of this feature. They have a keen knowledge of performing first aid and can maintain an airway. Besides, they can also stop patient’s bleeding and if essential can help perform lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

2. Instant-on-scene

When it comes to saving lives every minute detail and every passing second count for patient’s well-being. This points out to the disadvantage of receiving limited information on a patient’s condition through a phone.

To combat this, GoodSAM app incorporated an incredible feature called Instant-on-scene. This feature will allow the medical personnel to view patient or patients’ at the same time and suggest the treatment accordingly.

The GoodSAM app sends a text link to the 999 caller’s mobile phone, which when clicked, opens the live streaming video. This gives healthcare professionals the ability to assess a patient, before setting off.

Other than this, the feature can help determine a patient’s pulse – just from the streaming video. The community is also aiming to develop a beta phase feature which will help determine multiple patients’ pulses simultaneously.

Some of the air ambulance services like Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance and Great North Air Ambulance Service are testing the technology. However, chances are this feature might bring the much-needed help to doctors and patients as well.

The feature is compatible with all Android, Windows and Apple mobile phones. The app also locates the caller’s location and enables added two-way communication, for example enabling visualization of phone CPR.

The streaming video on the app is secure and not stored on the caller’s phone. Besides, the streaming is possible for only one to one or multiple users.

Advantages GoodSAM App Brings with It

Mentioned-below are some advantages of the GoodSAM App for the patients.

1. Efficient Use of Time

Whether it is an air ambulance or super-fast ambulance, we all are aware of the amount of time it takes to reach the emergency site. As a result, it many times leads to the death of a patient.

However, with the live streaming video feature of this app, the medical professionals can prepare themselves before leaving for the aid. The instant scene viewing feature offers them the time to carry all the essentials that can be required for treating the patients.

2. Actual View of the Severity

The real-time on-scene footage allows the medics to view the severity of the situation. Often it happens that due to lack of proper on-call information, the rescue team falls short of attendees.

But, with the help of this app, now the exact number of people can reach the emergency site. Also, it gives the advantage of deciding which patient might need immediate care.

3. On-Spot Suggestions and Alternative Treatment

Apart from prioritizing, this app also allows the doctors to on-the-spot suggest another alternative treatment if one method fails. As a result, the option for saving patients’ life widen with the live viewing feature.

The GoodSAM app is leading towards harnessing the community for the benefit of the community. If the trials of this app come through, it will definitely be a game changer for emergency situations!

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