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How To Choose the Right Vlogging Camera

Vlogging is an increasingly popular hobby and pastime for people of all ages. Whether they want to show off their exciting lives, teach people new talents or skills or just entertain, there are several reasons a person might take up vlogging.

While having a good personality and being comfortable filming in public is important, so is your camera. You need a camera that is not only easy to lug around and use all day, but also ensures your videos come out looking great. But with so many options out there, choosing the right camera isn’t always easy.

With that in mind, let’s go over some tips to help you choose the right vlogging camera.

Look at Reviews

With there being so many potential options out there, one of the first things to do is check out the reviews. Visiting a resource such as Run Gun Shoot can help you learn more about a variety of different products to help decide which one will be right for you. You can learn about the quality, the battery life, the lens, how durable the camera is and many other things.

Reading what other vloggers have to say about a camera can help you make the decision for yourself. It can help you learn the pros and cons and assist in deciding the right model for your specific needs. Of course, while most reviews are legitimate and many people trust them as much as a personal recommendation from a friend, always be cautious as some can indeed be falsified.

Take a Close Look at the Features

The features of your camera are going to make or break how high-quality your results will be. For vlogging, first and foremost, you want a camera that offers high resolution video recording to ensure your videos come out beautifully.

You should also look for cameras that perform well in a variety of different levels of light, have good stabilization and a long battery life. If you simply choose a camera based off of how it looks, the price or marketing used to sell it, you might not end up with the best option for your needs.

Also, cameras can have a variety of different lenses. You need to choose one that best suits the kind of videos and blogs you produce. Thankfully, many cameras allow for interchangeable lenses, so you can switch over to what makes sense for a particular video.

The Size and Weight of the Camera

While the size and weight of a camera isn’t always something to think about, it certainly is if you’re planning on vlogging. You will be carrying this camera with you all day, and need to ensure it is light enough not to tire out your arms. Not only that, but it should be sized in a way that is comfortable to carry and easy to pull out at a moment’s notice.

Also, because there is a chance the camera may get dropped as you’re vlogging, you also want to choose one that offers a good level of durability.

While the weight of the camera is important, you also don’t want to forget about the weight of things you may attach to the camera. Some cameras may need an external lens, a mic or a handle in order to capture the content you want. Unfortunately, these peripheries can often add multiple pounds to your camera, making it harder to vlog with.

Of course, if you regularly vlog while sitting at a desk or table, or you have your camera on a tripod, the size may not matter quite as much.

Finding the Best Vlogging Camera for Your Needs

Choosing the right camera is an important part of achieving success in the vlogging world. By looking at reviews, going over the important features and considering the size and weight, you can ensure you find the right one.

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