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Published on December 24th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Mistakes To Avoid If You Are New To Filmmaking

The journey from a newbie to an accomplished filmmaker is not easy. As a rookie you will encounter numerous challenges and will also make mistakes. So long as you learn from these mistakes and they are not serious enough to spoil your career there is nothing to fret about. But it is much better to altogether avoid making mistakes. So for newbies planning to become successful filmmakers here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid.

Fixing the camera at one place

Many amateur filmmakers make the mistake of keeping their 4K cinema camera fixed on the tripod during the shoot. Though tripods are an effective tool in filming if used correctly, it is important to avoid using the tripod too much. Learning to move the camera with the aid of sliders, mini-jibs, dollies, handheld, etc. will help you the get a firsthand experience of how to use the camera in different angles. This will help you become a much better filmmaker.

Do not spend too much money on the camera

As a rookie filmmaker you may be of the opinion that a very high-quality and expensive camera is the most important requirement for filmmaking. There is no denying that the quality of the camera plays a huge role in making a good film or shoot. But it is just one of the tools of filmmaking. There are many others like audio gear, lights, lenses, etc. these are also a part of your budget. Spending a lot of money on the camera will leave you with very little cash for other filmmaking equipment and that can prove detrimental. Therefore as a beginner, buy a good quality and affordable camera. And do not overstep your budget. As you progress in your career you can always buy better equipment.

Not paying attention to sound

The audio is one of the most important elements of filmmaking and greatly compliments the visual aspect. In fact, the quality of the audio can either make or break the video. Therefore neglecting sound can cause a lot of trouble. If the sound is not clear or there are irritants like bussing or humming then you will certainly lose some of your audience and this can affect your filming career.

Prepare yourself before the shoot

Arriving at the shoot unprepared will not only ruin your day but will also give an impression that you are not proficient with your work. Before setting out for a shoot, check your equipment. Make sure that the camera is in proper working condition, the batteries are charged, and all the other gear that is essential for your filmmaking profession is in top order. So for that serious and professional look ensure that you are well organized.

Filmmaking is one of the most creative and exciting professions. If you do well during your initial years, your chances of future success increase manifold. But for this to happen, you need to avoid some basic mistakes and invest in the right equipment like a film shooting camera manufactured by a reputed company like Canon. Hopefully the above-mentioned tips will help you prevent or at least lessen any mistakes.

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