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Boosting Growth in the Online Casino Industry by Leveraging Technology

Welcome to a new decade, an era of technological boom within the gambling industry inviting players to a truly immersive experience simulating that of a downtown Las Vegas casino.

In the decade ahead, waves of technological advancements are expected to wash over us. We can expect a couple of recent technological trends to be adopted inside the virtual playgrounds of online casinos. We believe that VR (Virtual-Reality) and Facial Recognition will play a large role in taking the online casino experience to a whole new level.

To support this claim we have Arvid, PR Manager at pitching in to support our theories. He believes that online casino operators managing to leverage these technologies in the right way will have a significant advantage over competitors. He advises caution, however, as some of these technologies are still too new to be commercially viable and refers to the Gartner hype cycle – with the technology still being too immature to be implemented in online casinos. LiveCasinoKings is a website tracking the pulse of the best online casinos in the US. With lots of insights they provide their readers with all the ins and outs of the gambling industry and what online casinos got to offer.


Most people would be surprised to know that VR has been around since the 1970s with the US military adopting the technology for flight simulation programs. The legendary video game company, Atari made a huge push in the 1980s which was killed by the North American video game crash of 1983. Through the 90s it was mainly the video game industry driving advancements in virtual reality with Sega and Nintendo. During the 00s the interest for VR was ice cold. Then came Oculus Rift which Facebook acquired for $2 billion in 2012. In recent years literally hundreds of companies are developing VR-related products.

Virtual-reality casinos like sbobet sound like a perfect concept. Combining the best parts of online casinos and land-based casinos. Being able to play any game you’d like from your home while feeling like you are inside a casino in Las Vegas. The software part of the virtual reality casino is easy, the difficult part is the hardware. The commercially available virtual-reality headsets have a hefty price-tag along with not being very convenient or comfortable, this part of VR is the largest barrier for the technology to get the adoption needed for commercial viability in the online casino industry.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software is getting incredibly accurate. The technology has gotten widespread use and saves a ton of money. Most of you who travel frequently have probably come across facial recognition as a part of airport control and security. Considering the very strict safe measurements of airports it’s safe to assume that online casinos can incorporate facial recognition when users want to deposit money or withdraw winnings. Instead of having a person from customer support or payments team send an email or a phone call to do verification you could simply switch on your camera and the online casino app will match the facial recognition with the ID or passport documentation you have uploaded and verify transactions in seconds. With facial recognition confirmation, it will be much harder for hackers to access your account and attempt to make fraudulent transactions from your account, adding that much more peace of mind when making any transactions to or from a casino.

What Lies Ahead

No matter exactly what the future has in its hold, one thing’s for sure, gamblers worldwide can expect greater games, effects, graphics and more and more awesome experiences from online casinos in the years to come. Technology will continue to upgrade your experience while playing and ensure you will be safer with better security measurements in place.

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