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2015 FAA Drone Regulations Infographic

When the public hears someone say “drone” they instantly think of our president with his arms in the air, ordering an autonomous strike somewhere across the globe – probably in the Middle East. This type of drone is skinny and long, operated by the military, and usually involves conversations about the overwhelming and unrestricted power of our government. There is another type of drone, known as a multirotor or small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS), like the ones found on Buy the Best Drone.

These multirotors have multiple arms, with propellers on the end to help them get off the ground and soar through the air. Most of these quick little devices are used for aerial photography and fall into the area of hobby drones, not military drones (like the ones mentioned above). Even though these small Unmanned Aircraft Systems don’t carry massive weapons of destruction, they still do carry some controversy.

Part of this is due to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the government branch attempting to regulate a burgeoning field of technology. There are a lot of reasons the FAA needs to regulate the use of these machines. Besides obvious safety issues with sUAS crashing into aircraft or filming in areas where they shouldn’t be, there are also problems with businesses utilizing drone services to accomplish tasks. Pilots are losing their jobs due to the emergence of drones and the FAA is under pressure. Because of this, the FAA has banned all use of drones for commercial purposes in the United States.

Well, what exactly constitutes commercial drone use? Does that mean you can’t sell your photos or film your car from an aerial view if you’re trying to sell it? If you have these questions, you’re not alone. Buy the Best Drone has put together an infographic to help businesses and consumers alike. If you’re interested in learning more there’s also an in-depth, informative article found here.


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