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The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

1. Why Get Into FPV Racing?

2. 5 Inch Drone Specifications

3. Choosing the Right FPV Racing Drone Kits

3.1 Ready-to-fly (rtf racing drone)

3.2 Bind-and-fly (BNF)

3.3 ARF or DIY Racing Drones Kit

4. 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List

4.1 5 Inch Drone Frame

4.2 FPV Motor–meps fpv motor 2207

4.3 FPV Flight Controller–meps f7 flight controller

4.4 ESC for Drone

5. BNF/rtf Racing Drone

5.1 EMAX Hawk Pro FPV Drone

5.2 Walkera F210 Professional

(1) Why Get Into FPV Racing?

Pilots can take to the skies with FPV, an exciting hobby that lets them do so from the comfort of a chair on the ground. It enables pilots to race through imaginary obstacle courses at great speeds and to experience a whole new level of environmental exploration. You can buy all the fpv racing drone kits or parts you need to sling through the skies for minutes at a time for the price of a sky dive. And the fun continues when you replace your dead battery with a charged one. The 5 inch FPV drones can crash at high speeds without hurting the pilot because they are remotely operated.

Pilots may learn a variety of technical skills using 5 inch FPV drone, including electronics, programming, soldering, cinematography, and even control theory. Future job opportunities in engineering, product design, trades, computer science, etc., may become more accessible with these abilities. Moreover, the FPV drone community is among the greatest out there. You can meet a lot of individuals who share your enthusiasm for flying by attending your local club for a race, fun fly, or simply to have a conversation.

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

(2) 5 Inch Drone Specifications

Velocity: FPV drones equipped with 5 inch drone propellers have the ability to reach top speeds of 150 kilometers per hour. Drones made specifically for the job can reach speeds of over 230 km/h!

Range: Legal drone operations are limited to the operator’s visual line of sight. The range of a 5 inch FPV drone can exceed 10 kilometers, contingent upon the choice of components.

Cost: Purchasing a micro drone and some basic equipment can get you started in the hobby for as cheap as a few hundred dollars. The price range for micro FPV drones is $100–$300. Depending on the specifications, the cost to build a basic FPV racing drone with 5″ diameter propellers might range from $300 to $700.

Weight: When equipped with a battery, micro drones can weigh anything from 25 to 250 grams. Drones measuring 5″ often weigh 400–800 grams when powered by a battery. In general, a 5 inch drone weighs between 250 and 500 grams on its own.

Flight Duration: The pilot’s speed determines how long a flight will last. A tiny drone can live anywhere from one to four minutes on average. 5 inch drones typically last between two and six minutes. Long-range drones can fly for longer than half an hour under specific conditions.

(3) Choosing the Right FPV Racing Drone Kits

(3.1) Ready-to-fly (rtf racing drone)

What is rtf racing drone? It refers to the fact that the drone is fully assembled, comes with everything needed, and is prepared for a basic flying experience straight out of the box. Anyone who wants to just enjoy flying around and not worry about creating a drone should consider an RTF drone. These are usually the most popular kind of racing drone due to their lower price. The main disadvantage is that since RTF drones aren’t designed to be rebuilt, it might be challenging to repair them when they sustain damage. Practice novices are drawn to the hobby due to its lower price and simple module availability.

(3.2) Bind-and-fly (BNF)

Bind’n Fly is referred to as BNF. Bind refers to the process of joining a controller to a drone. Nearly identical to rtf racing drones, BNF drones need a hobby-grade RC (Remote Control) to be paired with; this is not provided in the BNF drone package. Hobby stores are where you may find hobby graded controllers instead of toy stores. With a huge selection of controls and replaceable parts that a toy controller cannot provide, these controllers are more dedicated to the hobby. Strong opinion: It makes sense to purchase a BNF drone kit if and only if you have a hobby grade radio controlled vehicle to attach your drone to.

(3.3) ARF or DIY FPV Racing Drones Kit

Almost Ready-to-Fly is referred to as ARF or A-R-F. Everything you need for a basic drone flight is included in this kit, however it is disassembled. Yes, it’s also widely recognized as a drone kit for DIY projects. Here’s one instance. You construct the drone to your specifications for personal usage, but naturally, follow the instructions in the accompanying handbook.

Note: Before making a purchase, make sure to review the list of included items in ARF or DIY fpv racing drone kits as they could not include a controller. The majority of these drone kits are incomplete or have too few parts.

(4) 1.5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List

(4.1) 5 Inch Drone Frame

Every other part of the drone attaches to a frame, which serves as its backbone. Usually composed of carbon fiber or a combination of polymers, frames are fastened together with titanium, aluminum, or steel screws.

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

Here I recommend 5 inch drone frame is TBS SOURCE TWO! A collaborative open source frame project aimed at FPV racers, SOURCE TWO was started by Team BlackSheep. It is a follow-up to the FPV freestyle frame SOURCE ONE.

In order to support makers and creators and expedite the integration of best practices and contemporary trends into a continually manufactured product, the frame design is contributed to the community. It is a less expensive option to clones that can be purchased with the assurance that the major FPV industry companies provide.

(4.2) FPV Motor–meps fpv 2207 motor

The MEPS SPACE 2207 brushless motor is incredibly robust and powerful, making it ideal for FPV freestyle and racing on 5″–6″ quadcopters. It is constructed from premium materials and has the first fluorescent green color scheme in the market. It has a sunflower-like unibell design. For excellent performance and long-lasting use, it has a high-strength TC4 titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, NMB bearings, 6082 aluminum rotator, military-grade high-temperature enameled wire, and 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws. The MEPS SPACE 2207 FPV motor is a fantastic option because it is reasonably priced and long-lasting.

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

It could conclude that drone pilots seeking high performance, great controllability, and longevity would do well with the MEPS SZ2207 FPV motor. It’s a fantastic option for tough challenges and professional drone racing situations because of its creative design, high-quality materials, and propulsion system.

(4.3) FPV Flight Controller—meps f7 flight controller

The aircraft’s brain is the flight controller, or FC. It is a circuit board with a number of sensors that track the drone’s movements and user commands. Based on this information, the circuit board adjusts the motors’ speed to drive the craft in the desired direction.

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

Here I would like to recommend to you meps f7 fpv flight controller. Based on the STM32F722 microcontroller, the MEPS SPACE F7 Flight Controller is a full-sized 30×30 flight controller designed for analog constructions. It has the widely used AT7456E chip, which creates the OSD overlay. It’s quite simple to construct. The layout makes sense and the solder pads are a good size to work with. The capability to designate a transmitter switch to turn the VTX power regulator on and off was added to the MEPS SPACE F7 flight controller’s analog version. This one could be a good choice if you’re searching for VTX power switching as an extra function that seems to be dependable.

(4.4) ESC for Drone

In an FPV drone, the motor speed is managed by an ESC, or electronic speed controller. The fpv flight controller sends throttle signals to the ESC, which uses these to drive the brushless motor at the appropriate speed. While many other aspects also affect overall performance, using high-quality ESCs results in a dependable and smooth flying experience. In this instance, I would like to recommend the MEPS SZ60A 6S 4in1 ESC.

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

MEPS SZ60A FPV ESC comes with the fastest MCU available which is fully supported by BLHELI32. It supports higher prtocols, and provide faster response. It features an upgraded heat sink and industrial-grade PCB that significantly improves the heat dissipation capacity, and with full access to all the useful flight data. It is compatible with most mainstream FPV frames.

(5) BNF/rtf racing drone

(5.1) EMAX Hawk Pro FPV Drone

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

This rtf racing drone is small yet strong. The drone’s 210mm size and large-capacity brushless motors give it exceptional power.

This little racing drone’s carbon fiber frame houses its well-protected parts and neat viewfinder. The EMAX Hawk Pro, in contrast to other tiny drones, includes an attached mushroom antenna for improved signal strength.

This drone is a great place to start if you want to do FPV racing. Be aware that this quad is BNF (bind and fly), which means that before it is fully RTF (ready to fly), you will need to buy a remote controller separately.

(5.2) Walkera F210 3D Edition rtf Racing Drone

The Best 5 Inch FPV Drone Parts List for Racing

One of the most well-liked rtf racing drones available is the Walkera F210 3D Edition. This racing drone has an ultra-durable and crash-resistant modern industrial modular carbon fiber frame construction. Stable flight and accurate flying manoeuvres, including rolls, flips, and race course maneuvers, are made possible by its flight control system. In order to reduce the chance of a collision, the drone can also stop quickly and stop its inertia-induced drift.

It is also easy to deconstruct and reassemble, so the pilot can alter it or use it as is for flying. For live FPV broadcasting, the Walkera F210 is outfitted with a 700TVL HD camera and 5.8 G real-time image transmission. For serious racers, the Walkera F210 3D Edition is a reliable 5 inch FPV racing drone at a reasonable price.

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