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The story of Drupal [Infographic]

The story of Drupal, one of the most trusted CMS of the world, has very humble beginnings. It started out at the University of Antwerp in 2000. Two students Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder   invented a wireless bridge to connect their dorms that would enable the sharing of ADSL modem connection of Hans among 8 friends. The things worked as expected and connectivity issues were solved.

The initial years

With time they wanted to further enhance the functionality and Dries added a web board that would allow the students to use it as a news site. The students were now able to share their latest information, thoughts and even important recommendation that could range from favorite dining places to favorite tips for study!

When Dries left his dormitory in 2001, he thought of a more innovative idea of bringing the site online by buying a domain name of it. The initial domain name he bought was


Dries saw some great potential in the software that fuelled their site. So with a view to helping the people in exploring innovative paths of web development Dries finally released the software in 2001. It was named Drupal. It was an experimentation platform and the users can form a community to add new features, modify and enhance the functionality of the software.


Apart from online collaboration, the Drupal community also held face to face meeting in DrupalCon. Drupalcon is the conference of the Druplers that are organized twice every year and offer a single platform of the drupalers to discuss, share ideas and socialize for a better future of Drupal. Right from analyzing the security and vulnerabilities till discussing the latest technology and the current developments of the platform, allowed drupal community actively participate in a number of activities,

Drupal Association

In 2011 DrupalCon Inc. was offered a different name and major responsibilities. The new name was Drupal Association and it looked after a number of key responsibilities associated it Drupal Cons, Global training days and community cultivation grants. The entire activities are made possible by the active participation of the community.

The clients

Due to the safety and speed drupal is preferred by some of the most reputed websites including its list of clientele include Michael Jackson and health is websites. Even the white house website is fuelled by Drupal.

Infographic credits: CMS Website Services

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