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SEO vs SEM: Which one is better for Melbourne business owners?

Many businesses in Melbourne are using SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their companies. Many people think that these two methods are the same since they both aim to get customers to go to the business website. The truth is these two are totally different tactics. SEM is a method where it pays advertisement space on the search engine to gain website traffic while SEO is gaining website traffic through natural and organic results on search engines. These processes involve setting a particular keyword or phrases that are related to the products or services of a business. Both are two different concepts used by business owners as part of their online marketing strategies.

Nowadays, many business owners consider SEO and SEM as an essential tool for their websites. In recent years, it has grown its value beyond the search engines. Though both are very powerful in boosting one business, SEO builds long term success while SEM is a short term fix. That is why many business owners hire SEO services in Melbourne because they are experts when it comes to web designing, marketing and SEO.

SEO works in magic. There are billions of users on the internet, and there are millions of searches happening at any second. A search engine can find results that answer one particular question within a few seconds. Through SEO, the website owner can make sure to their work such as blog posts, video descriptions and image names are seen by the people searching online. Through this process, owners can get their target audience. According to the study, more than 80% of search users prefer organic result than paid listing and more than 60% of purchases come from organic search results. This is because paid listings are less appealing so they just scroll past them; thus natural results are more seemingly to be clicked by users. Many users also know that top results are paid with money and these websites often have less quality compared to sites that are developed using SEO tactics.

SEO is more time consuming than SEM when it comes to setting up your marketing strategy. But once you are done, SEO continues to works for you. It does not require much time when it comes to monitoring and managing. You ust have to pay attention and witness how visits from users convert to purchases. SEM requires more time to monitor conversion and needs constant investment to keep the performance up. SEO can also be flexible without added cost. With SEM, it can be very expensive since if you try to experiment with your search terms, it would cost you very fast.

The good thing about SEO is it’s not limited to Google or search engine thing. If a good SEO is used, the content can be seen on very large networks such as social media and e-commerce sites because it’s standard for every search engine to place high quality and useful contents to be placed on top of the results page.

When it comes to investing money for these two marketing practices, SEO is said to be very cost effective. It’s very affordable and provides long term solution to your online marketing needs. The initial cost may cost a significant amount but once the web presence has been built, less money and time is spent in maintaining the content. SEM is expensive and kind of risky because it would cost you a lot if ever the strategy fails. Therefore, SEO is the best online marketing strategy for every business owner not only at present but moving forward as well. It has a more feasible approach, and it’s very economical.

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