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Home Security Monitoring with Dagger-Sharp Accuracy – Enter the Ninja Sphere


Since we happen to be living in an age where folks are not only possessing more and more items but are also becoming increasingly possessive of them, in-home security is a rising interest. Over the years we’ve seen a blossoming array of modern home automation creations, but generally speaking it appears that people don’t mind having yet another option on the table. Tack on the ability to monitor and control the functions of your home right down to alerting you if you’ve left the lights on in your kitchen and you’ll really begin to perk some ears. People are looking for something automatic, personalized, stylish and exceedingly efficient. And just short of having an actual personal ninja guarding your home at all times (how cool yet eerily disastrous would that be?), the Ninja Sphere is sleek, silent and thankfully not deadly, plus it gets smarter and more in-tune with your needs the more you use it.

So far, the public has not witnessed too many praiseworthy security systems on the market, especially ones that can keep an eye on everything in your home let alone ones that will immediately alert you when important inanimate objects in your home begin to move on their own. That’s right, Ninja Sphere will automatically alert you when something valuable like your wallet is being moved and stolen from within your home. While this shiny electronic ninja won’t wield a slicing sword against the thief it is designed and streamlined to notify you instantly. And since the Ninja is open source and compatible with a lengthy list of other devices that allow you to monitor and control your home’s systems, you could potentially order Ninja Sphere to tune your home security cameras in on the action.

Ninja Sphere features quite a few nifty modern techie weapons up its sleeve, including Wi-Fi, LED lights and built-in Bluetooth gadgets that keep an ever vigilant eye on everything in your home, including your pets. Simply attach a Bluetooth tag on whatever you’d like monitored in your home and the Ninja will track its comings and goings. This is performed with the employment of an electronic signal processing technique known as trilateration. The Ninja Sphere is accompanied by a small minion of electronic waypoints to be placed throughout your home allowing the Ninja to pick up precise locations of various objects within a given in-signal area. When multiple signals overlap they then provide exact location points for specified objects within your home, the space of which the Ninja Sphere calculates with algorithms in order to learn every tagged objects relation to others in the area.

As of yesterday, the team behind the creation of the Ninja Sphere have witnessed their Kickstarter campaign explode with success raising $259,080 Australian dollars, far exceeding the initial $115,000 goal. The Ninja Sphere folks are awful generous, too. For everyone who pledges $199 Australian dollars (approximately $182 US dollars) or more, those individuals will get their own Ninja Sphere which will begin shipping worldwide in June of 2014. Keep in mind, if you’d like to order yourself or that special someone an exceptionally unique postponed Christmas gift, the Ninja Sphere Kickstarter campaign ends on January 11, 2014.


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