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The Secret Betting Strategy to Beat Online Bookmarkers

As a punter, doing your homework results in better decision making and higher profits. However, most bettors base their wagers on emotions leading to losses.

Don’t make this mistake.

Yes, you want to participate in sports betting and make money. But before we start, you need to understand there’s no perfect strategy to beat bookies. There’s nothing like flawless betting tips. If there were, they’d drive bookmarkers out of business.

But that’s not to mean you can’t beat bookies. With the right betting strategy and strength to implement them, you’ll make some money.

Use the following tricks to win the majority of your bets.

  • Select the Best Online Betting Websites

Sounds confusing, right? Why select the best betting websites if you want to beat their bookmarkers? Well, you want the best betting experience. However, sorting through different bookmarkers requires time. Lucky for you, with reputable review platforms like you can easily find a reliable bookmaker to help make your betting experience worthwhile. The review sites are designed to sort the bookmarkers before presenting them to you. Here, you get everything you need to know about the website.

For instance, what are the terms and conditions? How do you deposit or withdraw money? Does the platform offer any customer support services? Is the bookmarker licensed to trade in your country or state?

Use this analysis to make an informed decision on the ideal betting website.

  • Be Sober

It’s a genuine issue for several punters. If you want to beat the bookies, then avoid alcohol consumption.

Alcohol has a drastic effect on your judgment. It also affects your betting discipline leading to poor management of money.

  • Use Your Brain, Not Emotions

Yes, you’re knowledgeable on matters of football. But translating this to a winning strategy might not be in your favour.

For example, you have your favourite team or teams. When placing a bet, it’s hard to go against this team. Well, bookmarkers are counting on bettors who make this mistake every week.

Don’t be part of this group.

Yes, you may have a lot of faith in the coach or the team striker. But what about the opponents? A football match involves two teams. Therefore, avoid betting with your heart.

  • Never Follow the Crowd

Almost every person has been a victim of mob psychology at least once in their life. However, don’t make this mistake in sports betting.

First, most bettors don’t have a betting strategy. They place their bets depending on their gut feeling or emotions.

Following these amateur punters is a sure way of losing money to bookies. It’ll not help you in your quest to beat bookies.

Instead, do research and base your decisions on this data. Alternatively, identify successful tipsters with a clear record. Ask them for some tips on how to win your bets.


Predicting the outcome in sports betting is quite challenging. Different factors influence the result of a game. The best team doesn’t always win.

Further, different bookies offer different odds for the same game. Selecting them is more like shopping. Thus, you should check out for the bookmarker with the best deal.

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